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Hi people ^^

Here I bring you the second drawing of the month, as I finished it yesterday because I decided that the best thing would be to publish it ^^

Some time ago I wanted to draw Larxene, this is my personal revenge for how difficult she is in the KH Chain of Memories on PS2, she is the most horrible boss and she deserves this tickling torture hehe. Larxene gives me shared feelings, I hate her for all the frustration she put me through, but I love her because she is a character that I like, both in design and in personality.

Spoilers for those who haven't played Kingdom Hearts 3

This image would represent a hypothetical future in KH3 in which Sora, before fighting with Larxene, manages to rescue Xion and Xemnas does not manage to kidnap Kairi, when they come to the confrontation of Larxene and the others, Sora and Mickey will take care of Marluxa and Luxord , while Aqua, Kairi and Xion would face off against Larxene, culminating in Larxene being tickled torture by our Heroines.

See you soon ^^



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