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As promised is a debt, here I bring you the drawing of the month, which is by Spider-Gwen since many of us missed her hehe.

Just for those who are curious, they are all Veronicas from other dimensions, this is the original one that we all know. The one on the left with a darker color is the Veronica version Live Action. The white one is a Heroic version, she only catches criminals and tickles them, unlike the original that captures anyone. And the one on the right with black eyes is a version in which she just likes to worship feet, no tickling, she just enjoys licking pretty feet.

Those would be the different versions of Veronica who came together for the same cause, to tickle Spider-Gwen.

I hope you enjoy my drawing ^^




Very nice 😎 i need more 😁


Really love all the effort you've put into designing all the different versions of veronica !


Love it! Gwen is back!