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Well, this is another benefit of tier 2, I will post sketches of drawings that I feel like doing but that will probably never finish, I just do it for fun, but let's see if you want to see it finished or not hehe

And here, Dot Warner, since the trailer for the new animaniacs series was shown, I wanted to make a drawing of Dot, but I wanted to wait for the series to come out since in the trailer there was a scene where the Warners brothers came out In an anime style and I wanted to see what the chapter is about to be able to make a good drawing of Dot with that style, but in YouTube recommendations I got a fragment of a scene where Dot is super sexualized, well as you can see in the thumbnail that I left in the drawing, and it was when the focus came on I made this super simple sketch of that Dot, what do you think? If I'm honest I don't remember that chapter but I'm sure I saw it hehe. If in the end I decide to finish it, I will make some improvements and that, I feel that the drawing can be more attractive.

PS: I finished the drawing of Spider-Gwen, you will see it on November 1st ^^




very cute