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  • Working on Halloween draws!

    Hey kiddos!Staving off the doomscrolling with a bit of crinklestreaming here. I don't know that we'll have another all-night affair like last night, but I'll probably go for a couple of hours!https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup

    Halloween marble stream!

    Spooky hello, squirts!Gonna do a little marble madness stream here for Halloween! Come with your most ghoulish and embarrassing ideas and we'll let the marbles decide!https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup

    Streaming today!

    Hey squirts!Workin' on a drawing for you kids here today, so drop on by and hang out awhile!https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup

    All-tiers stream!

    Hey kids, been a busy month here. Let's catch up a little with some fun draws!https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/900009d785d057ccec84dbe04469e170

    All-tiers stream!

    I've got an afternoon here and I'm thinking I want to spend it drawing crinkle critters with you guys. Waddle on down and join me:https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/46f79e6ba9556abfdc428425ecee825a

    All-tiers stream!

    Okay, ankle biters. Everybody pile in the van.https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/311f7a23c284149bff6f9d66ef88ce30

    All-tiers sketch stream tomorrow!

    Hey runts,It's been a busy stretch here, and it's been awhile since we got to hang out! Let's fix that tomorrow. Keep an eye out for an announcement with the stream link then!Hope to see you squirts there.

    Sticker stream link!

    Come hang out while sticker stuff happens!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/66eaa67e34357d863048f82ec6d2bbe6

    Sticker poll!

    It's the time again, kiddos! What's Puddles getting up to this time?

    Whoa, are we streaming?

    Yes, Puddles. Yes, we are streaming.https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/656aad81c4a1807b8d62a9c702f88a82

    Sticker stream!

    Hey mildly biggish kids!Come hang out as we work on sticker stuff, and cast your vote to decide which one we finish up for the pack ?????https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/bca549316a4668ea470bcffcb2a8bb43

    April sticker poll!

    The month wouldn't be complete without another addition to the sticker set. Help me pick what we add!

    All-tiers sketch stream!

    Hey squirts,Come on down and let's draw some cute/spicy/cute-spicy content!https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/fea7ebd3ae37187977d308324fc3cdb1

    A note to non-Daddies!

    Hey kiddos,Thanks for being you! Yesterday's Daddy stream unfortunately got interrupted by an internet outage, so we're finishing that up today. I'm planning to stream for all tiers soon, though, so don't worry about getting left out while the big kids are having all the fun.Have a great week, and be thinking up fun ideas for that all-tiers stream ahead of time!

    Sticker stream for Pull-up Stars and up!

    Hey, slightly bigger kids! I'm (finally) working on the sticker today, so I'll do a few sketches and you guys can vote on which we go for! Everybody big enough to vote is welcome to come on down and hang out ??https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/798217b23eacea878a3424556f3df87c

    More comic streaming!

    Gonna stream for a couple hours before dinner here, if folks want to come hang out!https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/a0704f585c5ce0fe508e2c0ad11ada49

    All-tiers comic stream!

    I'm inking the panel from hell today, so come on down if you want to spend your Friday in quarantine watching a man's wrist crumble to dust in real time!https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/ade53db71821003735a585c9493001e1

    Daddy stream - comic stuff edition!

    Hey squirts!I'm stuck at home, you're (hopefully) stuck at home. It's a little dull. I get it. So I'm planning on streaming a bunch this week to give us all something fun and productive to do!I'll kick things off with some comic work! Going to be making some overdue reference and then working on the new page here. Daddies, come say hi!And for everybody else, don't you worry, I'll be doing all-tier streams this week, too. Hope to see you all then!

    March sticker poll!

    Okay, cubbos. Time to cast your votes for where the sticker train heads this month!

    Night owl stream!

    Hoot hoot!I'm up late tonight drawing, so I thought I'd see who else is staying up past bedtime! If you've got insomnia, work the night shift, or live in the southern hemisphere where winter is summer, cold is hot, and day is night, come hang out while I draw blushy lions!https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/7731400eae765fd7c640770be729cf45

    Streaming for all tiers!

    Hey kiddos,I've got a few hours here before I need to head off to a Big Kid Dinner, so why don't we do some sketching on stream! Come on down and say hi at this super-secret link:https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/1c8bab75ae83031f3b66627a32bd86f9

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