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Less muscular this time, and very tall (6'5"). Having some fun with different proportions.

This character was inspired by patron Jason Chan who shared some details about his new futa character Arcadia in the Discord Livestream chat

I'll repost a bit of it here for some flavor to accompany the sketch, it's not necessarily an accurate depiction of Jason's vision of the character, but it's what popped into my head when I read this:

Arcadia Fitzwilliam-Beatty
Former heir to a British title and fortune who heads to America to escape the confines of 'society' in the home country. 6'5". Blonde. Leggy. In one word? Regal. A succession of strict governesses and boarding school has ensured the turning out of a well-heeled young lady who has supreme control over her passions and is ineffably polite - which is very useful, considering there's twenty-eight inches of flaccid girl cock in her sweatpants which takes her to forty when erect. She considers much of American futa 'culture' - she uses the term advisedly - most unbecoming, and is on a personal mission to uplift and educate those around her into proper ladies. But be careful: years of repression have meant she's a sexual time-bomb waiting to blow. And does all her talk of propriety hide a desperately insecure soul who has never had a sincere relationship in her life?