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+ Keep it short

-the request shouldn't be more than a few words

+ Keep it simple

-nothing overly complicated, try to keep it to one character (other faceless characters, and disembodied dicks are fine)

+ What I'll draw

-if you're here odds are you're a fan of my stuff already, so you know what I like to draw. Bois, traps, dickgirls, etc.

+ One per month

-please only send one request per month, any additional request will be ignored

+ No OCs (yet)

-this is something I may change in the future, but I'd rather keep OCs to commissions (when I open them).

Important information

I will pick out a few requests I receive and add them to the monthly poll, these will be based on my interest and if I think I'll be able to draw them gooood.

Anything that isn't used in a poll still has a chance to pop up as a monochrome sketch.

I will create a new post every month asking for requests, leave your request as a comment in that post.



First post!