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Hello everyone! 

Some of you might be familiar with MS (Moonstone for short), a system for gaining votes passively which you can use to unlock pictures with SMQ/ICFOS characters. These votes are accumulated each month that you're on a given tier ($4=1 MS; $8=2, $12=3, $16=5) and stack over time until they are spent.

I've been running this system for the last couple of years. Since then, both projects have been growing (especially SMQ) - and as such, a lot of characters have either changed, or their significance in the story has changed considerably. Because of this, I've ran into some struggle lately in keeping the pictures in-character while still keeping them fun for you and for me.

Likewise, I've had some difficulty in terms of keeping concepts consistent over time. What comes easy to me with some characters is a bit more difficult, or even  forbidding, with some other ones! (Trent Quill, originally from the hospital arc of SMQ, for example, is a character that has strong anxiety, and while I know he's not real, it's sometimes a little tricky writing/drawing him comfortably in some scenarios.

What's more, a lot of people would come in and be confused by the system, which... fair. It got pretty complicated over time!

Lastly, there's the matter of time! I'm now running one full-color comic, and aspire to do a couple of minicomics too, and on top of that, I'm developing SMQ as a videogame. While I've tried to maintain my pace, as it was, finding time for it as well as all the projects has really proven extremely difficult to balance.

So, I'm planning to enact some changes on the MS options (or even simply remove the term 'MS' entirely and use something more straightforward. Picture points comes to mind?)

For example, I may be like "this month, I really think I can do X, Y, or Z thing with Gabo/Ricardo, or with (1/2/3 other characters), because I'm really feeling those, and I know I can manage it into my work plans!"

Thus, this will be the last month to use your MS on the current characters/rosters, and I will do my best to deliver any standing obligations for those ASAP!  Be sure to spend your MS Before May 1st!

As such, if you have any of the current offerings you'd like to request something from, you can check out what they are here, and submit your MS here! OR, you can save your MS and hold on to see what will be available come May!

(If you want a more direct project for it, the most recent little minicomic can be funded/pushed with MS!)

Thanks everyone! 



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