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  • Download 0121.apk
    Download 0121.exe

    This is a test version related to the second boss battle. 

    Upload apk and exe files. 

    One scene is over now.

    What to do in the future 

    - Scene work (4 scenes in total) 

    - Combat effect (the 2nd boss's effect is not included at all now.) 

    - ui task (ui is just easy to test now)

    Please leave a comment on the character you love!

    I will select a character with a lot of'Like' in the comments as a King Slime reward!

    Distribution target date is early February.

    Additionally, there is no redistribution of King Slime rewards. 

    Many people have inquired. 

    But it was decided because of the fairness of the sponsors. 

    plan to continue this format in the future.

    1. 댓글로 캐릭터이름 남기기

    2. 좋아요 많은 댓글 캐릭터로 선정

    3. 킹슬라임 보상은 재배포 없습니다. ㅠㅠ

    4. 보상내용은 h씬 바리에이션입니다.

    1. Leave the character name as a comment 

    2. Selected as a character with many likes and comments 

    3. King Slime rewards are not redistributed. 

    4. The compensation content is h scene variation.

    - 2 phase animation work (I hope you can try it yourself without a preview :D)

    - Illustrated face correction, Priest 2 phase illustration added 

    The battle is almost over. Now I am focusing on the h scene.

    On the 20th, the test version goes up normally.

    Below are the plans for the future.

    - Add 4 scenes(It will be divided by phase and victory or loss.)

    - Background work... I hope there will be time left after finishing the h scene and battle scene.

    - Next character sketch

    About King Slime sponsors

    The King Slime reward will be prepared with variations of the h scene.

    Please use the character voting board!!

    Thank you to everyone who sponsors. I will work harder.


    Fixed a bug that caused frame drop on death

    Fixed a bug that could not move during conversation

    Added difficulty adjustment
    (Aim behind!)

    Add effect when hitting

    Thanks a lot for feedback!

    Download 1_(2).zip

    1월 배포 버전입니다

    씬 추가 버전입니다.

    조금 집중해서 만들다보니 공백이 길었습니다.

    바로 다음캐릭터 만들러 가겠습니다.

    항상 감사합니다.

    + apk 파일 수정

    This is the January release.
    This is an additional version of the scene.
    When I made it with a little concentration, the space was long.
    I will go to create the next character right away.
    Thank you for always.

    + Modify apk file

    씬작업으로 테스트 플레이를 못 했습니다

    크게 발생된 문제로는

    1. 사망시 렉 발생

    2. 난이도 조절

    이며 오늘 추가 작업해서 올리겠습니다!

    I couldn't test play with scene work

    The big problem

    1. Leak occurs upon death

    2. Adjust the difficulty level

    And I'll post more work today

    Additional scene

    I am thinking about 3 scenes each.

    제목은 knights 로 정했습니다 

    더 좋은 의견 있으면 알려주세요!

    - hp bar animation

    - Talk without mouse

    - Such a dark background

    - Priest attack motion

    I will participate in the war next month. 

    None of the h scenes for the Priest are ready, 

    and I am going to prepare a h scene of the red character.

    The previous h scene is just a toy-like gimmick, 

    and I am making a proper h scene. 

    The work I did yesterday is the content (although it has been blown away), 

    and it's all in my head, so it will be possible to recover it by spending half of the time I used to work again.

    - Future plans(4)

      1. 5 monsters

           I am planning 5 characters and I will make a work with a story and an ending.

      2. h Scene segmentation

          I want to go deeper into the h scene 

         The h scene that I showed you now is just  experimental, 

         and I am trying to divide it into ntr, pure love, sleeping, etc. according to the choice.

          When I have time, I want to deal with pregnancy after scene h according to the story.

      3. Stats and item 

           I think there are some difficulties in difficulty. 

          There are differences between people and some people 

          who haven't come into contact with this category at all.

      4. DL site launch

          Eventually, it will be posted on the DL site. 

          For this, I think we need to create a game with a complete level of content. 

          For him, this month's h scene is a bit boring, but I am laying the groundwork.


     thank you for always supporting and helping.

    There are many paraphrases depending on the translator. Sorry if I made a mistake:D


    It's a trick, but I added a simple light effect.

    빨간놈보단 쉬운놈입니다.

    It's easier than the red one.

    Just a concept


    - 난이도 조절

    - 대검 추가

    - 패링 시스템 추가

    - H씬 추가

    - 주인공 캐릭터 애니메이션

    - APK 버전 추가

    -Difficulty adjustment 

    -Greatsword added 

    -Added paring system 

    -H scene added

    -Main character animation 

    -Added APK version

    수정버전 추가

    Add Modified version

    - 적 캐릭터 공격후 딜레이 증가 (0.5초 > 1초)

    - 스테미너 100 > 150 증가

    - Increased delay after attacking enemy characters (0.5 sec> 1 sec)

    - Stamina 100> 150 increase

    난이도 조절에 실패했습니다. 죄송합니다. 

    제가만든 게임이고 테스트 플레이를 계속하다보니 익숙해져서 뭐든 쉬워보였습니다. 

    지금 벨런스를 낮추고 전 버전을 다시해보니 말도 안되는 게임이였습니다.

    물의를 일으켜 죄송합니다.

    The difficulty adjustment has failed. Sorry. It's a game I made, and as I continued testing, I got used to it, so anything seemed easy. It was a nonsense game when I lowered the balance and tried the previous version again. Sorry for causing the scandal.

    3일동안의 작업 내용입니다. 

    1. 몹의 난이도를 현저히 낮췄습니다.

    This is the work for 3 days. 

    1. The difficulty of mobs has been significantly reduced.

    2. 주인공 캐릭터를 다시 그렸습니다.

    2. I redraw the main character.

    3. 2타 공격이 생겼습니다.

    2번째 공격은 반응속도가 더욱 빠릅니다.

    3. A two-stroke attack occurred. 

    The second attack reacts faster.

    4. 대검을 추가했습니다.

    반응은 느리지만 데미지가 높습니다.

    4. Added a great sword. 

    The reaction is slow, but the damage is high.

    5. 패링시스템을 추가했습니다.

    무기마다 패링효과는 다릅니다.

    5. Added paring system. 

    Different weapons have different paring effects.

    6. apk 버전을 만들었습니다.

    6. I made the apk version.

    7. 추가 H 씬을 만들었습니다.

    7. Created additional H scenes.


    I made it for a while while taking a break on the weekend.

    The fight is over and I'm currently working on the h scene.

    How to play

    <-,-> : move
    space bar : roll
    x : attack
    click : talk


    Enjoy customization! 

    Next, I will mainly work on animation.

    Please leave advice in the comments!

    This is the completed content.

    - ui improvement

    Numerical adjustment has been changed to bar format.

    It is still a lot more uncomfortable than before, but we will improve it later.

    - Color adjustment of R,G,B method

    - Add short hair

    - Normal sex, Reverse Blow job (sketch)

    This is just sketch and it will take a lot of time to work on animation.

    -New body 

    -Face customization options

    - deleted all the scenes I made before.


    This is a test version.

    I'm making it almost from scratch. We'll put up a test version this Sunday evening.

    This month's King Slime reward. 

    From next month, it will be changed to an additional option for the same game, not 

    individual game compensation.

     I will focus on one piece. 

    Thank you for always.


    Because of the lack of work time, it was only the preparation process.

    This is just the default breath animation.


    There are a lot of shortcomings.

    I will improve.

    Forgive me for being late.

    distributed the September rewards. Forgive me for being late.

    This animation is the new champion of League of Legends.

    The reward is distributed once as a message.

    The game I'm making now will need some time. 

    We focus on customization, and the sponsor rewards will be uploaded on the 10th.

    Thank you for always.

    I am preparing a simple animation. 

    I will distribute it in bulk on the 10th. 

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