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Hey guys! 

The poll finished the last Sunday and the results were #1 Chizuru and #2 Mona, so I'm working on the Chizuru animation now, and while I finish It here is an Illustration scene file about her.

I used PostProcessingEffects this time so make sure to use the PostProcessingEffect config file of this post so it looks the same as the image.

To use these PostProcessingEffects settings it put the org.bepinex.plugins.PostProcessingEffectsV3.cfg file in the 'BepinEX -> config' folder.

Remember to make a backup of the org.bepinex.plugins.PostProcessingEffectsV3.cfg file that you previously used.

This is the file where PostProcessingEffects settings are stored.

**This is only necessary to make it look the same as the image, the scene will still work even without this.**

**To remove the watermark in scene --> Add --> Frame --> None**


*(Updated links in the latest posts)*



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