"If you're pirating content please stop." by complexsims from Patreon | Kemono


It's been brought to my attention that once again someone has been reuploading mine and other creators content whether it be in their cc folders or websites dedicated to stifling creators.

I understand not being able to afford something but, I have a website where my content is eventually uploaded for free, I actually just updated it with 17 posts last week. You don't have to go out of your way to make sure I'm not paid for the work that I put in, that's very evil. I understand that people are going to share amongst their friend groups or privately but to do the extreme so thousands of people can get things that I spend sleepless nights making is ridiculous.

This is my only source of income and a lot of you have kept up with my journey as a creator for a while, I'm paying my student loans and health insurance bills with what I make. I am also taxed for it, I'm not living lavishly and being "greedy" like some of these websites will imply about creators. This is how I provide for myself and my loved ones. I also don't have thousands to spend on another degree so I can work for a game development company like some.

The misconception that creators are making thousands in disposable income dehumanizes our experiences as working class citizens as well. I usually ignore things like this because, I know it happens anyway and people don't really care about stopping your flow.

But please just acknowledge that I work hard and upload consistently and preach about giving people their money's worth while you're planning to upload my content to the masses. 

P.S because of things like this I've also been learning to create for SecondLife too, if you enjoy that game you can check out the content if have for SL right HERE.