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Listen to the full file HERE 

Doms AND Subs are welcome to listen, as my musical voice carries you & minimizes you to a Beta on your hands and knees before me. Permanently branded as Mommy’s inferior servant~

With an emphasis on financial domination, degradation, and femdom (as always~), you will be reduced to nothing more than my little worker-bee. Working tirelessly to drain the wallets of your lessers, just to turn around and be just like them… Pouring all of your earnings into MY pockets~

You feel as though you are not a Dom… But a Betadomme… A Faildomme… A Loserdomme… A Lesserdomme~

And I am here to tell you… That is TRUE. Compared to Mommy Sammys… You are nothing <3

Find true meaning by working for me. Bringing me all of your earnings. Because Mommy shouldn’t have to lift a finger~

WARNING: My files feature true hypnotic trance. I sometimes play with themes of addiction, memory modification, permanent changes, and extreme kinks. Take what you want and leave what you don’t. Proceed with CAUTION if you are highly susceptible.


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