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Heyo! Just giving you guys a quick update on how the next Repeat build is going so far. This dev blog is going to be rather short and sweet since most of what I'm working on can't be shown due to spoilers. But hey! This means I'm finally creating new story content! :D


One of the things that made resuming Repeat's story a little tough was the fact that the scene immediately following the last build requires a substantial amount of new CG illustrations. I've finished thumbnailing and sketching all 15 new illustrations planned for the next update, and am currently in the process of linearting everything. Things seem to be on-track and I'll hoping to finish drawing everything by the end of next week.

With how things are going, I expect that the build should be live by the end of October, but may get delayed to the first week of November depending on how long these illustrated scenes take.

On another note! I did mention in the last build that Owen's food pantry scene on Day 6 has been rewritten, and may expand into a small little lewd scene if I have the time. Well, the art for the scene is all done! Now I just gotta write the damn thing ;w;

Overall, this scene is a small bonus that is rather low on my priority list, but I hope to add it into the game with this month's build.


The outline is currently finished for this update and I am making steady progress writing the script. We're continuing right where we left off on Sissel's Route part B.

Due to how much art was required for this build, I'm keeping this update a little short to avoid burnout. Base on my outline, I expect this update to hover around 8,000 words, but dense with story beats. 

After getting finishing those 15 illustrations, I expect the following updates to be much longer. Drawing everything is so time consuming hnnngggg ;;w;;

Aaaand that concludes this dev blog. Thank you all so much for your continued support and I hope everyone is excited for Repeat's return!



Just remember, as excited as we all are for new content, your health and well being comes first :) OR ELSE! >:)


I am excited