"Science | Channel Buyers? | Vacation | Non-Profit " by bennjordan from Patreon | Kemono


Pinch me. Is this real?
Are crazy science videos actually breaking viewership records and pushing the channel and community to a new level? After years of every educational thing I did essentially being slaughtered in battle by the YouTube algorithm robots?

I'm only a few "viral" videos away from the long awaited existentialism project.  No Hulu, no podcast, right here.

Speaking of that, I had a meeting this morning with a media company (not like Disney, but a popular one particularly on the web) expecting some sort of licensing negotiation. They wanted to buy the channel. I had no idea that channel/personality/creator acquisition was a thing. As much as I want to be stressed out about a lump of money burning away with inflation while losing control over my content and sponsors, I decided that I'm gonna run this rodeo for the duration.  But this sort of thing boosts my often-wavering confidence that this YouTube channel and related community and projects have a solid future.

I'm going to Miami on VACATION in a few hours. The reason I'm yelling about this is because every. single. trip. I've taken since about 2009 has been work-related (touring, video, research, always something). I do want to do a stream on Thursday, but I'll be limited to hotel WIFI which never inspires confidence. But I will have a video out the following week that I've already spend last week making.

Then I go to NAMM. I don't intend on doing much traditional coverage, but instead making music on the way there and back via road trip, similar to what I did last year with the Empress Euroburo. I may do some humorous content or live streams at the actual event though.

And I haven't forgotten about the decentralized streaming platform one bit!
I'm just lacking any entertaining or meaningful announcements as I'm currently in the funding/business structure parts, which is selecting a board for a 501c3 non-profit.
I've also talked to someone at Google regarding the 30% cut they take for in-app transactions and they said something like this would easily qualify for a 10% rate instead, and if I am able to get 501c3 status, possibly only a credit card pass through rate (1.5%ish).

That's good news as the biggest roadblock of all is the fear of having to choose between giving a major chunk of artist's profit to tech marketplaces or being booted off of them.

Apple, on the other hand, has not even responded to an email in the last 4 months, including those from people I'm close with who work for the company.  So that'll be it's own struggle.

And what about my own music?
That's a huge reason why I'm going on vacation and driving to NAMM. 😂
So I can play instruments and write music and tell clients that I'm currently on the road/vacation.