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:3 I'm heading to sleep soon here is a video!


vs 1x9

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Thorkell is just the best girl in all of anime. Their first date is over and he is already attempting to plan the next one. He also loves the time they spent together in such a pure way.


Fun bit of historical trivia (not show spoilers) Thorkell the Tall is said to have taken a priest hostage during fighting in England to be ransomed off for 3000 pieces of silver, but then the priest died before the anglo saxons could pay. Apparently he felt pretty bad about the whole dead hostage thing so he switched sides to make up for his men kind of accidentally killing the priest during a drunken brawn at dinner :P


I always thought the end of this episode was the first sign that there was hope for Thorfinn. He wasn't sucked in by the game of war and bloodshed the way that Thorkell, or some later characters you'll meet in future arcs are. He's out there on an incredibly self-destructive path by doing what he does, both in terms of being obsessed with vengeance and by taking part in the activities of Askeladd's band, but he's lost in and enjoying bloodshed for it's own sake and he isn't cruel, and I remember reading the manga years ago and breathing such a sigh of relief because of that. It meant that there was at least a chance that Thorfinn could one day get out and make a life for himself that wasn't just endless violence and carnage.


please dont be a forgotten series lol, take all the time you need tho