"📍Ashley Turner - PREVIEW" by Myelin Sims from Patreon | Kemono
Myelin Sims



  • Thank you so much to all wonderful CC creators! Credits to all of them
  • Make sure there are no duplicate CCs in your MOD folder and sub folders
  • Sims 4 game graphics settings should be at the highest "ultra"
  • Please put the tray files and CCs in the correct folders
  • Make sure to click on the box that says "include custom content" in your game library
  • Make sure your game is updated
  • Your game must be original. Pirate copies do not work with CCs
  • Game settings laptop mode must be turned off

💎VIP Patreon DL include: Tray files and all the CCs total of 8 looks

YouTube🌸The Sims 4 | Create A Sim - Ashley