"Quick Update!" by GasaiV from Patreon | Kemono


Hey hey! Just wanted to post a small update of everything. Here is what June is looking like with Cinderace Gijinka, Gasai cosplaying Itto, Beastboy, and Scorbunny, and Summer Claude and Dimtri with a solo set for each.

In regards to May's rewards, I am almost done them, about 95% done and just doing final variations, saving, and GIFs. So sorry for the delays, I've been working on some commission stuff, finishing the 4th volume of the fetish pack series which will be done shortly after rewards, been going to many meetings this month with much more to come and a big one I must prepare for still. Some fixes to some old commissions I need to do, KodoGasai things still going, Akifans as well. Working on another side project I hope to show soon, lots of stuff and I know it sounds like a lot and it is but all this said im SO confident and working on shifting my schedule forward to not be late and I promise that will be the case soon enough!
And honestly when I do my hourly reflecting on being late I want to be clear with myself and with you guys that honestly, I do a lot?? I provide a lot on Patreon in my opinion, my sets have improved a ton, I now offer GIF's, I do things like arm movements and layer shifts and just a lot more little details I never use to do and while I one thousand percent understand the frustration with being late its like.. yes I will be fixing this and I greatly apologize and feel bad for being days late but there are SO many creators that are behind right now as well which is not an excuse but more to say, it happens. I will ALWAYS get the rewards to you guys, always always always, if you pay me I am going to deliver you the promise and its the reason I don't allow patrons to pay annually is because I want to go month by month to make sure I don't miss anything or slack or be late WHCH I AM right now but its because I've had a lot of exterior work that has become a heavier weight in life recently and that are fairly new to me but will settle and balance out with sometime. Work that Im STILL learning how to deal with them, things like some family issues recently, some family financial issues I need to take care of and help out with, I have friends going through some new shit right now, I have a family business I need to attend to frequently, KodoGasai is STILL new, I need to work on finances for that and work on growing there too and its all a lot of new shit I have to learn still and work through

So, apologies, great apologies but I PROMISEEEEEEEEEE, we're getting back on track and I WILL get patreon stuff delivered on the 4th of every month in a few months, I promise.

And thank you so much for supporting me, for sticking with me, for all your messages and comments and likes, it all means so much to me and I never go a day without acknowledging and being grateful! 

Anyway sorry for the "rant", you can comment on just the artwork if you want haha, excited to work on it all especially Gasai :P