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K so lots in this post but Ill start with..
Heres my current schedule just if you guys wanna see it and arent on discord, lots coming!!

I think I will go ahead with raising the $5 tier to $8 tier.. this will not affect ANY current OR past patrons, I will keep open the option for anyone who has been a previous patreon before June 2021 to re-apply as a $5 patron for an indefinite amount of time (I may stop the $5 applications in the future if it proves to be a lot of work to verify people) but otherwise if you just stay as a $5 patron then you will be good to carry on as one forever

I wanted to know if you guys prefer solo sets, duo sets, or solo sets with a duo variant set as well. I ask because if you see my patreon schedule up there there is a lot of duo stuff planned and it is a lot more work and if you guys prefer solo/imaginative/POV art more then that wont affect what is planned but I will take this in consideration for future plans