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  • Fur authoring video tutorial!

    Check out our fur authoring tutorial on YouTube:www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUwpzW8uuVcFur authoring will be part of the next release.We're in the final phases of releasing a new build. We have a release candidate.All the best.- odes

    Preliminary garment authoring guide

    FurryVNE release for September will include an alpha version of a bra physics simulation. The sole purpose of this component is for garment authoring, so you can export the character when the breasts are in a "bra" mode.While we don't have a garment component yet, it's something we've started to implement.Here's a few guidelines for garment authoring we think are likely to work with our future system.Roughly, this is how garment authoring will work: 1. Adjust character pose and bra options. 2. Export character. 3. Bring character into 3D editing software. 4. Design clothes for the imported character. 5. Export clothing. 6. Import clothing to app. 7. Bind clothing to the configured pose/bra options.If you're eager to start working on clothing already (even though we don't have it implemented yet), here's how we recommend you do it: 1. Make sure the character is in rest pose. (You can achieve this by pressing "Reset pose" (new feature).) 2. Adjust the character pose so it will fit the clothing you have envisioned (for example, maybe the character should stand with straight legs rather than spread if you're making a skirt. PRO TIP - you can press SPACE to mirror a node from one side to the other.) 3. Adjust bra options. 4. Export the character in this pose (new feature). 5. Import character in external tool and start designing!We're currently in the final stages of creating a new build, so hopefully it'll arrive very soon!- odes

    Your thoughts on the Fox Templates.

    Hey all! Well some time has gone now and we're curious on how you felt the slightly more worked on fox templates worked, if it was something you felt helped you a further bit on your way towards your own creations? Did it felt like it helped, was it neutral or did it feel like it didn't help?

    Next head development poll August

    Right, after looking at the poll in July there's no denying that Big Canines won this one. We absolutely know that canines are popular and we'll start working on one now, we do also think that future canine heads should be put on dev-lock for at least some time forward now, at least for this remaining year.We'll also expand the numbers of slots from 8 to 14 for this poll because we first thought that it would be kept simple with a very limited number but we do realize that it probably isn't unmanageable to have expanded optionsYou feel like your favorite anthro has been left out? Please write in the comments so that our list for future polls can expand even further.

    Next Head to start working on for August.

    Hey all, we're interested in hearing what kind of head we could start working on for our August release. We're keeping it simple by having just 8 of the most popular species in our poll. Of course, once the most voted head gets started with it will be pulled from the next run of poll we're doing next month and be replaced by a new one.

    Changes to patron rewards

    We've been wanting to change the way our patron tiers work for quite some time now, and we figured it's about time we did something about that. There are several planned changes, but we're starting slow with changes to the lowest tier ($3).From now on onwards, all WIP content (except builds) that can be made public on Patreon, will be. Any content containing nude imagery will be set to patrons only (in accordance with Patreon's rules), but won't have a tier set (i.e. any patron can view it).We're also going to start posting updates on twitter!A lot of furries seem to use twitter for sharing content, so it makes sense if we have a presence there (I'm completely new to twitter btw). I've posted some WIP content there already, so be sure to check that out!Follow me on twitter here:https://twitter.com/furryodesYou can also follow dogson here:https://twitter.com/Dogson20The tiers will remain, but the rewards will be different.$3 Tier Gain vote access to polls on Patreon. Receive 3 suggestion votes on the cloud platform (in app). Your amount of OwOs on the cloud platform is set to 3 every month (unless you already have more).$12 Tier Gain access to WIP builds. Gain vote access to polls on Patreon. Receive 12 suggestion votes on the cloud platform (in app). Your amount of OwOs on the cloud platform is set to 12 every month (unless you already have more).$30 Tier Get your name mentioned in Yiffalicious (1) build. (We're planning on adding a name list for YL2 as well.) Gain access to WIP builds. Gain vote access to polls on Patreon. Receive 30 suggestion votes on the cloud platform (in app). Your amount of OwOs on the cloud platform is set to 30 every month (unless you already have more).More changes will be announced later, when we are closer to having a more complete experience in YL2.Thank you for reading!

    Derived characters poll

    Should derived characters be visible by default in the cloud?Other newsNew build is coming along. We're almost finished with the things we wanted to get in there for the month. Just a few more days!

    YL2 Poll - Karma 2

    Hi all!Just summarizing our thoughts on the previous poll.From the looks of it, when combining the different options, the great majority would prefer to have up & downvotes for submissions, so we will go with that. However, while the individual choice for up & down votes for comments also has the majority, it is not as decisive as the one for submissions. (The combined votes is 45% for and 55% against up & down votes for comments.) Therefore, I don't think it would be right to pick the 45% choice straight off the bat without giving you another chance to vote.Since Up & down votes for submissions is established, and since only a minority of users would prefer no karma for comments, this new poll has condensed to two choices - likes or up & down votes for comments.I'm also taking this opportunity to give you some news about the next update. If everything goes as planned, we should have the next release ready sometime next week. Unfortunately, the cloud won't be ready for this release, but we'll have some new content and fixes for you instead. It's likely that the release after the next one (which will feature the cloud) will be closer together.

    YL2 Poll - Karma

    You'll be able to both make comments on submissions as well as vote on things in the cloud.How would you prefer this works?We originally intended to have karma for everything, but maybe that will create toxic environment?

    YL2 Discussion - Character permissions?

    Hi all!Hope you're doing great!As you may know, we're in the process of implementing the new cloud for YL2. This new cloud will allow you to share and browse characters, very much similar to how interaction browsing works in Yiffalicious 1.We know how much time and effort you spend on the characters you create, and in knowing this, we've hit somewhat of a dilemma -How do we prevent theft among users, while still being a platform where people learn?The vision with YL2 cloud has been to be a source of learning, where people can download existing characters to learn and be inspired when making their own. However, if there are no restrictions, people could essentially just download a character from the cloud and then upload it as their own, with minimal or no tweaking.I've so far thought about two ways this could be prevented:1. Offer users the choice to set permissions on the uploaded character. The ones I had in mind are "Clone" (permission to copy the character and do with it whatever they like), "Study" (permission to download the character, but modifying it will not be possible) and finally "Locked" (only permission to pose the character/use in interactions).This option kind of goes against the open nature of Yiffalicious, but I thought I'd mention this idea anyway.2. The second idea is to clearly state that plagiarism is strictly forbidden, and this rule would be enforced through volunteer moderators. Breaking this rule would result in some form of penalty or even ban. However, defining where exactly one character ends and another begins can be quite difficult. There's also a risk the platform becomes toxic with a never ending stream of accusations. And even with such rules, I bet there are some who would still prefer if their characters were not possible clone.Neither one of these solutions feel ideal, and that's why we're asking you.What do you think?How would you like the cloud to work?Do you have an option no. 3? (An idea of your own.)------Thanks.All the best.

    YL2 Poll - Next species?

    What species should we implement for the next release?

    YL2 Release - Happy new year!

    So here we are again, at the end of a year.Last year around this time, we were working our asses off trying to make a release happen. Needless to say, we couldn't make it that time. If someone had said it would take us a whole other year to get a build out, I wouldn't have believed it. A release felt so close, and yet it would prove to be so far away. I think this in part can be attributed to a monumental misjudgment of all the things needing to be done to actually tie everything together. That can be quite challenging in any project, but for a project as complex as YL2, this has been especially true.To all of our patrons - we cannot adequately express our gratitude for your support. In times of hardships and setbacks, you've shown great patience and understanding. I think the key word here is faith. You have shown faith in us, in our endeavor, and in the potential of what we're trying to accomplish. And for that, we cannot thank you enough. We're honored to have you with us on this journey.It's not without a great sigh of relief that this day has finally come to pass. Getting a release out has been at the top of our minds for such a long time, that it has almost driven us insane. We've made great sacrifices to get here, so finally being able to offer a build is quite an emotional experience for us. It may not be perfect, it may not be as polished as we would have liked, but it is a build nonetheless, and we're very proud to have it!We've not only poured our blood, sweat and tears into YL2, but also our hearts and souls, our hopes and dreams. We've tried to create something that won't just be worthy of your attention, but something that is a homage to the furry fandom itself and a token of our devotion to it. Whether or not we're going to be successful in that undertaking only time will tell.Each new year marks the end of something old, and the start of something new. This time it's even more special, as it's the start of not only a new year, but also of a new decade.Let this be the beginning of something glorious for Yiffalicious and the furry fandom that we can all enjoy decades to come!We wish you all a very Happy New Year!- The Yiffalicious Crew

    YL2 Release - What you need to know

    The time has finally come!For the first time ever, we're releasing a build of YL2 to our enthusiast tier patrons.What is YL2?YL2 is the successor to Yiffalicious. It features a brand new character editor that marks the future of Yiffalicious.When is it released?Today!Why soft launch?At the moment YL2 doesn't have any sex or interaction systems implemented. It only ships with the character creator - and even that still needs more work and polish before we feel comfortable marketing it in any real capacity.We wish we had more time to work on these things, but we cannot delay things any longer. We made a promise to ourselves that we'd launch the app before the new year no matter what. So here we are!Who is this release for?Enthusiasts and 3D artists.YL2 has far more in common with 3D editing software than it has with character creators in video games. We've gone down this path because we think it will offer the greatest amount of diversity and user expression in the long run. But it also means you need a certain degree of 3D authoring experience to get the most out of it.Who is this release NOT for?Casual users and those seeking a quick fap. (As a matter of fact, there is no sexual content in the app right now other than nudity.)What are the system requirements?Hardware support for DirectX 11 is a must. ONLY PLEDGE IF YOU HAVE A GRAPHICS CARD THAT HAS HARDWARE SUPPORT FOR DX11!Hardware support for DirectX 11VRAM 2 GBGfX Cache of 2 MB or moreRAM 6 GBYL2 makes heavy use of parallel computation both on CPU and GPU, so the more cores you have, the more it will benefit the character generation process.What's the hash of the build?The build comes in a self-extracting archive. The hash of this archive is:SHA256: 983612463B7392A0460847E96D16422C2E22ACF807C0726F232D02898B3F8B37Only run the EXE if it matches this hash!ScreenshotsYou can find screenshots in our forum thread.

    YL2 - Surprise poll!

    Hey guys, hope you're having a good start of the week!As you all know, right now we're developing the character creation systems of YL2. While the character creator will continue to occupy our time for the foreseeable future, we are starting to think forward about the next step in our development.When we first started working on YL2, we didn't really think about changing the formula too much, but rather just improve and expand on it. We wanted to offer you more ways to express your fantasies in a more dynamic and detailed fashion and with less hassle, in addition to just improving the experience in general.However, a reoccurring request has been to increase the amount of interactivity in the app. Some of the suggestions have been in stark contrast to what Yiffalicious was, and to what we [originally] planned YL2 to be.Below are two options. Read them carefully, and let us know which way you lean. Also, please expand on your opinion by writing a comment so we can get a better understanding of what exactly it is you'd like to see.Expressiveness pathThis was our original plan.In this path, you will have complete control in creating interactions progressing in the way you want. Not only would you be able to pose characters and control their actions, but you'd also be able to change these poses and actions over the duration of the interaction. Furthermore, dialogs and possibly* even different dialog paths [programmable dialogs] would be a thing, eventually, meaning you could create your own stories and context for the scenes. Expressions and reactions of the characters would be fully tweakable as well. In this path, you wouldn't even need to include any sex if you didn't want to. It could simply be a story (think comic slides).* Not a promise.Interactivity pathIn this path, the app would require less work on your part, and instead automatically fill in the blanks itself. You'd still place characters in the desired ways, but then the app would control expressions, actions and reactions based on immediate input from the user. This would however not work with custom animation, and possibly would remove that opportunity altogether as interactive systems are very time consuming and complex to implement. But it does mean you could play around with the characters in the virtual world and directly see their reactions to that input.----------------It is possible these two paths could potentially merge into a third one, but such a path would be completely uncharted and filled with obstacles. Still, it could be possible (write your ideas in the comments!).NOTE! This is by no means a promise we will pursue the most voted option. We simply want to gauge what it is you would like to see, so when we get to work on the interaction systems, this poll and your suggestions will affect our decisions and thinking, consciously as well as sub-consciously.So with all that said, where do you stand?

    Happy new year!

    As you might know, we set the end of 2018 as the goal for our first release of the character editor of YL2 for our enthusiast tier patrons. I must admit - when we set this date it felt very distant, and yet here we are. It's not without some degree of shame that this date has passed, because disappointing you is the last thing we want. At the same time, looking back at the work that we've done and all the challenges that we've managed to overcome, the overwhelming feeling I have is not of shame, but of pride and excitement for the future. I believe YL2 will be something truly spectacular and worthy of the wait.For all of you still supporting us - we salute you. It is with the utmost sincerity we say we're moved by your loyalty, and we will do our best to honor your expectations. As for all of you who no longer support the project - we hope to regain your interest by delivering a product worthy of it. We remain dedicated and focused on releasing YL2.Here's to our fans, to YL2, and to a bright New Year.Happy New Year!- Yiffalicious crewP.S.A text for our patrons summing up our work in December will be posted later this week.

    YL2 - Looking for a web developer

    Hi all!We hope you're doing well.We are working hard on YL2 - the successor to Yiffalicious - and we are super excited about the development. In addition to a completely new client, we also want to implement a new version of the cloud. We are aiming to make this cloud a new social platform for the furry fandom, and this is where we realize we might need some additional help. If we are to get something out within a timely manner, we simply need more people involved!About youWe are offering a paid position to someone who recognize themselves in these traits: Deeply cares about their work Relishes the challenge of designing and implementing their take on a furry social platform A compulsion for elegance Autonomous and responsibility-taking Experience with templates Understanding of Django or equivalent frameworkAbout the cloudFeatures we want this cloud to have are: Content distribution (characters / interactions) Follow/Watcher mechanic Voting Tagging Comments Notifications Private messages Admin/Moderator systemThis time around, we want to make the cloud service compatible with a regular web browser, so you can access the community both inside the app itself and outside of it.We know this is can seem like a daunting task, and we even considered hiring a firm at some point. However, we believe that only within the furry community itself can you find people with true passion for a challenge such as this. So here we are, hoping for the best!ApplyingIf you're interested, let us know! Write something to us, tell us a little bit about yourself and show us some of your previous work.Applications from groups of two are accepted as well. So if you're mostly a frontender or backender and know someone you'd like to develop this platform together with, that is totally OK!- Yiff crew

    Happy Easter!

    We wish you all a very Happy Easter filled with love and... uh... happiness! ^o^Progress updateWe had originally intended to post a longer news update around this time for our $3 patrons. However, creating content for our shape layering system (that we described previously) has been more of a back and forth affair than we first anticipated. While we feel we are on track and are making good progress, we need a little bit more time before we have all the content we wanted to make the update.We are super excited about all the things we have in store for you, and believe we have something truly unique with all the systems we are implementing. We can't wait to show it to you!Happy Easter!

    YL2 Update February-Early March

    Hi all!Here's our update we promised earlier. (Due to illness and other events, we were a bit behind schedule.)Before we get into the gist of this update, we just wanted to share some changes we're making to our posts.Right now we're in a phase where most of the work we do is very technical in nature. It's quite difficult to show images of this work, or at least images that are interesting and meaningful to users, since most of it is just raw code or crude placeholder content. This is the reason why we've been writing such long and technical texts, to sort of make up for the lack of more representative-looking content.I'm sure there are some who enjoy reading all that nerdy, techy stuff we've been writing about, but I believe most people are here for the adult content. Plowing through walls of technical jargon isn't necessarily the thing I think most people here want to do, or what we should be spending a lot of our time writing about. So I was thinking maybe we could tone it down a bit from now on. I'm not saying we'll cut it out completely, but perhaps that we'll write shorter, more concise summaries of what we're doing - even though we might not have much else to show at times.I think in the end what is important is that we're making progress and communicating it. So as long as we have that dialogue, hopefully that will be sufficient to reassure you that progress is happening.Let us know what you think.February + early March progressThis past time we've been working hard on a Shape Layering system to be used in our character creator. The purpose of this system is to completely separate the concepts of gender and shape. As a matter of fact, from the perspective of the app itself, there is no such thing as "male" or "female" - just different genitals and different shapes. For example, a "dick girl" would basically be a character with male genitalia, but with a feminine shape applied to the body. Likewise, you could create a character with a very masculine appearance, but with female genitalia, if you wanted to. Obviously, feminine characters with female genitalia, as well as masculine characters with male genitalia, in addition to hermaphrodites, are all possible to create with this system. The point is that these concepts are separate, so you are free to create whatever type of character you can imagine.Coming up with a system like this has taken a lot thought and testing to arrive at. It has definitely been a journey to figure out how all these things are supposed to fit together, and it hasn't always been easy. Also, it's not only about the implementation part of things either, but also how we can author content for it in an efficient manner. We believe we have now come up with a complete system for all of these steps. The coding parts are done, and we also have internal documentation detailing every step of how to create content for it. So all that remains now is to start creating content!We hope that by the end of the month, we'll be able to provide a glimpse of how this system works with "real" content. So hopefully things should get a bit more image heavy from now on. :)Other news - Moving to DX11In YL2, we're making use of many DX11 features to offer a better experience. Looking at the adoption rate of DX11 (95%*), we have now taken the decision to move over to DX11 fully. By utilizing DX11, we can vastly improve many computational operations to create a much more fluid and fun experience for the user. By only targeting DX11, it also means we can save time by not by not having to implement operations twice (once for CPU and once for GPU), in addition to making the code base less complex as well.We don't think it's unreasonable that an app that will be VR compatible only works on DX11+ systems.* sourceSummaryIf it's ok with you guys, we wish to make shorter, more concise updates from now on, focusing less on technical jargon and more on content.In February and March, we've been working on a shape layering system to be used in the character creator, that will allow you to create a vast array of different characters.YL2 will be targeting DX11 to offer a better user experience.

    YL2 - Where we are (public text!)

    Several months have passed since we started working full-time on YL2, so we thought it might be a good idea to make a public post summing up what we're doing, where we're heading, and essentially what our vision with YL2 is.So let's jump straight into it!What are you doing?We are developing YL2 - the successor to Yiffalicous. In YL2 we're building the app from the ground up to offer more comprehensive animation and interaction systems than existed in Yiffalicious. This includes a timeline and keyframing system, support for scene and pose changes throughout the interaction, more sex behaviors, a dialogue system, in addition to a vast amount of general improvements in interface, efficiency and performance.We are also building a character creation system that will allow you to create custom characters that can be used inside the animations and that can be shared in the cloud. With this system, we're trying to push the boundary of what is currently possible to create in a furry character editor. Anything from a small rabbit to a huge hyper muscular bull - from a tall, slender beauty to a chubby shortstack - all of them, everything in between and more will be possible to create in this editor.How is YL2 different from other projects?We are developing YL2 as a comprehensive tool for artists to create procedural animations, characters and stories. YL2 is not a game - it is a creation tool, simulator and content browser. As such the requisites for it are completely different than that of a game, and something that really sets it apart from other projects. This also comes with a whole other set of development challenges, as we cannot rely on existing tools to the same extent as we would if we were making a game, since YL2 needs to be a tool itself that enables our users to create content.Why is it taking time?The first Yiffalicious was pretty much developed organically, i.e. as a prototype that we kept adding more and more things to, until it eventually started to crack in its very foundations due to the sheer weight of its own size. This time around we're approaching our development from a more "proper", traditional software modelling perspective, so the systems have been designed with much care and thought to get a more robust and dynamic structure. This means we can't take shortcuts to get results fast, we can't cheat, and everything has to be defined in a more abstract and modular fashion.In the end, this method will pay off, and the results will be much closer to what you'd expected from a professional 3D editing tool, but it does take longer to develop.We are also developing our app in such a way that every user action can be un-done, which means that for each action we define, we will also have to create its reverse equivalent. Naturally, this essentially doubles the amount of code we have to write for certain parts (in addition to the extra headache of just designing the app in such a way that actions can be reversed in the first place).A lot of time has also been poured into research - especially regarding the character creator. There are so many things we want to do with it, so many different type of characters we want it to be able to create, but realizing all those intentions into workable ideas and eventually tangible results is difficult. Still, we have been unwilling to compromise our intents. When we say we want to do the furry community justice, we mean it. There are so many times where we could have taken an easier, shorter and generally safer route to get something out quicker, but where we instead chose to walk down a different and uncharted path. With the character creator in YL2, we're trying to do something completely different than what you've seen so far in other character creators. I think this is an absolute necessity if we are to push character creation in a new exciting direction, offering something truly new and unique that will live on for a long time. Otherwise we would just propagate old ideas and become yet another generic character creator.How far have you come?Right now we are focusing our development efforts on getting the character creator out. While we will continue to add new content and more features to it for a long time, its foundations are starting to shape up nicely. I would say that around 75% of these foundations are done, so we are getting close to an alpha release of the character creator.Once we have this character creator in a state we are happy with, we will resume working on the interaction and animation systems. We have already done a lot of the core stuff for the animation engine, but the code for intimacy interactions is still missing. This time around we also want to define more sex behaviors than simple thrust-hump, things like hand jobs and oral, among others (although the first release of the interaction systems will probably only have thrust-hump, for starters).To give you an idea of the amount of work we've put into YL2, Yiffalicious was around 41,000 lines of our own code (not including shaders or backend). Currently, YL2 is around 39,000 lines of [our own] code, and we haven't even begun with any of the sex interactions yet! (Proof 1, Proof 2) So things are definitely happening and have been happening fast (writing those 41,000 lines of code took several years for Yiffalicious, and here we are at 39,000 lines after a couple of months), it's just that the development technique we're using is meticulous.When will we see an alpha?We are hoping we'll have an early alpha of the character creator out sometime this spring, and an early alpha of the interaction systems later this year.How hard will YL2 be to use?I like to think of YL2 as being made for two different moods - either you're using it as a creator, or you're using as a consumer. If you're a consumer, YL2 will be very easy to use, as you mostly browse through and watch other people's content that have been uploaded to the cloud. However, if you're a creator, a bit more will be required from you. There are many new concepts introduced in YL2 compared to Yiffalicious, but in general these terms should be familiar to you if you have some digital content creation experience. Things like timelines, keyframes, references, layers, masking, blend modes, coordinates, textures and channels. YL2 will be much easier to use than 3D modelling and animation tools though, and for the interaction systems we're thinking of offering two different modes - an "easy" mode that is similar to how Yiffalicious works right now, and a more "hardcore" mode that offers more depth.As for the character creator, it will be something in-between of a character creator you find in games, and 3D object manipulation software. We think striking this balance was necessary to offer something that has depth and will on for a long time, even though it means it comes with artistic responsibility. (But that can be said with any character creator, really.)Naturally, tutorials will be made closer to release to quickly get you going, so even if you don't have that much 3D experience you should be able to create something interesting.---Alright! So that's what we wanted to say.We hope this gave you some answers and hopefully a better insight of what exactly it is we're trying to do.We also want to take the opportunity to thank all of our patrons for the amazing support you guys provide in this development endeavor. Thank you guys so much! We recognize this is a unique opportunity, and we will try our best to live up to your expectations.Enjoy your weekend!- Yiff crewP.S.Uncensored version of the character in the image above can be found here.

    Short update

    Hi all!We hope you're doing well.Due to illness earlier this month, and due to us shortly visiting a furry convention, we're a bit behind schedule. We'll post a progress update about YL2 development next week.We hope you understand!All the best.- Yiff crew

    Yiffalicious 0.7.3 goes public next month

    Hello everyone,Just a short update informing you guys that Yiffalicious 0.7.3 goes public next month. It will contain everything done for Yiffalicious up to this point. Character models used for creating skins will go public as well. This will be the last release of Yiffalicious. All future time and releases will be spent on YL2. (In case you don't know, YL2 is the successor to Yiffalicious. You can read about it here, and the latest news updates about it here.)Also, due to Patreons terms of service, we've begun posting our news updates publicly in our forums. Be sure to check it out!As per usual, we'll write a summary of what we've been up to this past time at the end of the month.That's all!- odes

    Posts temporarily inaccessible

    Hello all,Patreon recently made us aware that posting adult content publicly is a violation of their terms of use. Adult content may only be viewable by patrons. Because of this, we've had to make most of our formerly public posts into patrons only. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be a way to become a patron unless you pay, since you cannot create reward tiers for $0, which means that this content cannot be free on Patreon with their current policies and implementation.We really liked the setup of posting information to our $3 tier patrons first, and then making it available to everyone. Unfortunately, that setup doesn't seem to be supported right now on Patreon. I have written a suggestion to them, asking for a way to make adult content free while not publicly viewable, so their terms are not violated and users can still read these posts for free.The alternative is to post this content elsewhere after a week has passed, for example on a blog. However, I dislike this idea because it fractures the community. Instead of having all information and feedback contained in the same place, we'd have it in several places. Not to mention that setting up a blog on our server would take time from us - both now and later for maintenance reasons. It's something we'd rather avoid.We're now awaiting a reply from Patreon. Until then, these posts are unfortunately only viewable by patrons.Sorry for the inconvenience!We hope you understand.All the best.- odesP.S.I just wanted to add that I think it's perfectly understandable that Patreon doesn't want NSFW content to be publicly viewable by anyone. It's quite common you need some form of login to access such content on other sites (for example fur affinity). I do however disagree that you have to pay to access such content. I'm not sure if that was an intentional choice they made, or just an unintentional consequence when they tried to limit this type of material to certain users. It may very well be that this was the easiest way for them to solve this issue, since a patron system is already in place, and they can easily limit things to patrons, while making NSFW system would require additional implementation. The requirement to pay might be an unintentional side effect of this implementation. At least to me it makes no sense that all content except adult content can be accessed for free.

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