Patreon-Only Discord Launch! (no worries, everything remains the same on here)

Thanks for leaving feedback and voting on the poll regarding a patreon-only discord server!

The results so far are almost split in half. Half of you are against the idea or at least against posting only preview pictures on here. That's why I won't do it, still the thought of a Patreon-Only Discord didn't leave my head so I worked on one during times I wasn't drawing.

To summarize it:

You get Discord rewards without changes in the way I post on here, I think that's for the best right now :)

The Discord features my gallery starting from June 2017 and some stuff from the past (+ a good way to search for stuff). I tried to structure it as best as I could. In case you are confused about the categories please take a look in the #server-tour channel :)

And for good meassure, here is a tutorial how to link your Discord with Patreon to get your role :) Please let me know if you got any problems or issues with connecting your account ^^ 

I will start posting the first page of the Altering Curse Spinoff 2 publicly tomorrow, besides that I hope I can get at least a rough sketch for this months Fanart Poll Winner done today :)