Thinking about making a Patreon-Only Discord to avoid content theft (to some extend at least)

Multiple votes are active + Please read!

Current state of the poll (1:29am CET)

30 Pro 54,5%

2 Inbetween 3,7%

23 Contra 41,8%

It seems like the biggest site who steals Patreon content is currently down. Even when it's gone new sites will emerge. I looked into ways to protect my content but let me tell you: It's hard.

I think no matter how desperate I want to avoid content theft it will get stolen eventually, that's almost unavoidable on the internet. To be honest I don't care that much about it, I just want you to get the stuff you support me for and have the benefits you pledged for without someone stealing it before the Early Access is over.

The only promising thing I know of is Discord, the only thing I am unsure about is how I should handle it. I have Discord, that doesn't mean everyone has it or wants to use it. Because of that I'm throwing another poll your way. I will always do what my Patrons think works best, period.

Even if I don't create one I still will post the viewable and downloadable version of the comic and change the link once I see that it got leaked.

Please please please let me know what you think! I don't want any of my Patrons unhappy about any of the changes I implement, even the smallest group of people that are against something will get heard. It's hard punishing content theft because it often punishes Patrons as well.

Nothing is set in stone after the poll it just helps me think about that matter :)