"Quick progress update: done with fluids code?" by dailevy from Patreon | Kemono


Sorry for the hasty post. It's my bed time, so I'm gonna throw out the quick hits for now:


After researching other games' fluid mechanics a little, I simplified to using relative pressure between containers to determine how fluids flow. A container with a higher pressure will output into connected containers (or pipes) with lower pressure. The connections have data allowing input/output at different rates.

Does it work?

Here's a few examples of how fluid flows through a system now. Green means fluid is increasing, red decreasing, white is no net change.

Fluid inputting via mouth:

It ejects out the mouth (if input flow is too high for mouth to contain) and otherwise travels pretty quickly down the system, and out da butt. This is too fast overall still. 

Inputting via butt:

Coming up the other direction is much harder, since the connections between containers are more resistant. Most fluid ends up coming back out the butt, though a tiny amount is escaping up into the throat.

Alternating inputs, butt is plugged:

Most fluid equalizes into the stomach, cause it's the largest container. It tries to escape into the throat and out the mouth, but it only trickles out when the system is overflowing (the mouth's bar is too small to see during this). 

Next steps:

To make it any more natural, I'll need to include the natural opening/closing of passageways in the body. E.g. swallowing, gagging, etc. And also, things like the clenching of the stomach when feeling intense sensations, or the loosening of sphincters when losing composure (like tickling). These are pretty simple- just modifiers on the fluid I/O config for each container/connection. 

Is it good enough?

This can be tweaked a lot, and will be, but it's stable. And versatile enough to handle the current fluid mechanics needs. Soooo... I think so! 

Time to move on. My goal was to finish fluids code this week. And, I kinda didn't, but I kinda did? I got to the point where I need to work on other stuff at least. Things like penetration and bodily systems will interact with fluid mechanics, so I'll need to touch back in to handle those. So it's working, and done for now!

This week's goal:

Dunno yet. Either body parts code, or toys/penetration stuff probably?

I was still working on fluids while writing this post. Gotta take a minute to figure out the next system to tackle. We're at the point where most progress will have some visual component now. So I guess my current goal is: 

  • Have some real visuals to show off!

Personal stuff:

I had a hard time with balancing work/life and didn't get as much time in as I was expecting. I had to sit down and rethink that balance, and have come away with a healthier, and more reliable, daily schedule. So, that sucks, but also yay.

Stream schedule:

Usually I stream Thursdays, but next week, I'll be streaming on Friday at noon PST / UTC-8. I'll probably save the update post for then, too? Depends on how busy I am.

... that's all for now!

Thank you all so much for supporting and following along. We're... actually getting there >.>

ok imma sleep now <3