Tax Settings Applied

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know I've completed the tax adjustment settings for each tier. This is part of something Patreon is asking all of it's creators to do, in order to save you all some money when the sales tax starts getting adding on July 1st.

A bit more information in case you missed the last post:
-Patreon is adding sales tax to certain rewards to conform with new laws
-Most people will not see a change, unless you are in a state which requires this tax to be collected
-Users are only charged tax for certain rewards, I've set them all up under tier rewards so this will mitigate some of the sales tax, for those who have to pay it.

For example:
Silver tier is a 5 dollar pledge, and I'm pretty sure only 20% of the rewards are taxable, therefore if you are required to pay tax in your state, you would only be paying tax on 20% of $5 dollars , ideally (which works out to around 20 cents).