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    Hey all, Spicy here. Blushy had to go the hospital today so I'm subbing in.Here are the winners of the character suggestions, and the Pollmaster's choice!Vote for the best girl on the poll to get a 2 Panel Comic~Convince your fellow patrons why your choice is the best choice!When we have a winner, I'll start on the storyboard/poses and she'll flesh it out per usual.We do apologize if there's a small delay, stuff keeps piling on for her. 

    Character Suggestions Post!

    Suggest your best girl to get a two panel comic!The top 4 liked comments go on the official poll!Convince your fellow patrons why your girl should have a spot!Protip: Suggestions with just the character's name and nothing else have a 60% less chance of getting on the pollPOLLMASTERS: DM me your characters!

    Loyalty Reward for AUG to SEPT patrons

    Winner gets an Exclusive 2 Panel Comic only for Patrons!Also, thinking about doing a new short public CYOA for when the K/DA music video comes out, I'm so excited for it!

    Loyalty Reward for Aug to Sept!

    Suggest a girl to get a 3 panel loyalty reward for supporting into next month!The 3 most liked comments will get a spot on tomorrow's poll!Debate why your choice should be liked and you'll have a higher chance of making it on the poll!------I know that some people here don't really care about my life stuff, but I like being transparent considering you all are supporting my career and my family.Life's been super rough lately and it means a ton that you guys are sticking around.Once I'm all moved in to the trailer, I should be able to draw consistently again!It sucks that I basically have to leave my parent's, but I really don't want to be paying extra to the landlord just because whatever reasoning he has.Hopefully with my SO being around more, I have someone to babysit while I work on art and SpicyQuest content!

    Quick Update.

    Still working on the new scene for Qiyana, it's drawn but needs colors.Minor update, on top of the stress lately, my landlord wants to charge my family extra because of the kids??... So I'm definitely going to have to pack up and move soon. Wish me luck!

    Qiyana CYOA Part 3

    Quick Update

    Things are a bit slow and I apologize. My cousin passed and these past few weeks have been rough, especially with going to their rememberance a few days go.I've gotten the lines done and I'm coloring the next Qiyana part now, so the next part should be good to go soon.

    Qiyana CYOA Part 2


    Make the right choices!  

    Loyalty Reward Poll!

    Doing something fun for the Loyalty Reward this JUL-AUG!Pick a Series to get a 3PANEL piece!Comment your favorite character/skin from your vote and if your series wins, the top liked comment will be used!

    Waifu Royale Poll!

    Here it is, the results of the $10 Tier and Pollmasters suggestions! Pick your favorite girl to get her own Two Panel Mini-Comic!Convince your fellow patrons why your choice is the right choice!

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