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Dear Patrons,

I am so sorry that I can not bring you the full joy of this Halloween because I can not finish any video in time for this event.

I am so greedy to work with many projects and side works, and also have time to study for my driving license.

But I would like to share all my works so far so that you can expect what will be in the future.

1/ Detroit become Human project: I replicate The interrogation room to look like one in the game but still have problems with the mirror reflection. I also import the Markus android models (made by XXMAUROXX) to SFM for animation. Check out the attachment of this post for a clip review of this project.

2/ Resident Evil project A: I bring the Gas station map to SFM and Carlos nude. Now we have Chris, Ethan (REVIII) Nicholai, Carlos (REIII) Leon (REII). I will bring more RE remake characters and REVIII maps with monsters to SFM

Update the characters list in Discord

3/ Resident Evil Sauna Gym:

A project of my fantasy of doing in the sauna room after working out.

4/ Resident Evil Cosplay for Halloween:

Too bad this can not make it in time

5/ Evil Dead The Game for Halloween:

Check out the Discord channel for a clip review

6/ Alien projects (Guardian of the Galaxy)

Introduce new characters StarLord with a beautiful Alien map port from DAZ and some aliens too

7/ A bunch of new characters come to SFM:

Uncharted: Nathan Drake + Samuel Drake

The Last of Us: Joel and Tommy

The Quarry: Hackett + Jacob + Dylan + Ryan

I am again so sorry and will work hard to finish them next month. I strongly recommend you guys remove your pledge or edit it to Bronze tier to avoid being charged if you have enough Coins already.

Thank you for your support!

Wish you have a great horror moment of Halloween!




Hope the swamp tentacle monster theme is used extensively!


I'm glad to see Nikolai return and fuzzy Carlos is dreamy too! Looking forward to seeing the Last of Us and Uncharted men being used in future projects!