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Dear patrons,

Thank you so much for your support!

I'm so sorry for being absent last month. I was at the hospital for a small surgery but still needed to stay there for 5 days and 2 weeks of bed rest. But don't worry, I'm fine now.

The rewards included information about your Coins and an invitation to Discords channels.

Thank you Platinum patrons for joining the poll of choice-game at Discord. I hope you like the story so far and looking forwards to showing you what will happen regarding your votes.

I will also upload some WIP clips soon of my current projects. I hope you will be excited about it as I am =))

If you wish to redeem your Coins for videos, please join the poll below or message me via Patreon or email me.

Thank you so much for being patient with me!

Don't forget that we have an achievement folder with tons of free videos. While waiting for new videos, you can rewatch them. Each video has a unique style and story that sometimes I still rewatch and love how they are. It's not perfect but it is our journey and memory until now.

With great love,



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