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  • August Smut Poll

    And lewd time! Who's gonna get the set this month?

    August Pinup Poll!

    It's that time! Who's gonna get pin-upp'd!

    Advisers, whos going on the polls?

    For both smut and pin up!I know for sure I want to include 2Bee since I'm hungry to draw her ass, but what do y'all reckon for the polls?Hit me up here!- Kili

    Happy August!

    Well, as happy as it can be, anyway, haha. I'm trying my best to stay positive at least but given everything I'm sure y'all are very understanding with why my mood may be blue. Just like me!So August is going to be a month of catchup, and what better way to show the whole lotta stuff I'll be posting than with lists? You guessed it: here's what's coming up this month!- Oreo and Lane Smut pieces- All sketch, blue friend, full colour and lewd set pieces from July- Petal, Yvette, Abbi smut set- SmugJund Miren Smut set- Pin up and lewd art polls + PicturesThat's for the Patreon anyway! Between those, I'll be completing the Outstanding YCHs I have. Making sure all of this is done before I even consider opening up commissions again. I also want all these to be done before this month's reward week so I'm all caught up.Given the fact that in about a week I'll be living by myself again in this lil apartment, I'll be wanting to keep my mind busy so flooding it with work may help me out. Well, not flooding, so to speak. I'll still be maintaining my time off and with friends so it's still a healthy work flow and I don't break so don't you worry.It's a busy month ahead of me with a lot of catch up and emotional dealings with, but I cant thank you all enough for not only the financial, but emotional support you have all given me during this hard time in my life.You are all truly lovely people and I'm so honoured to do what I do for you all. I hope August treats you super super well and that we can get back to those good times and vibes for all.With all my love,- Kili


    Just giving you all a reminder that the rewards are all being delayed into August. Thankfully, after the last two YCHs are done, I can commit my full time to catching up on work over here. I again apologise.A lot of stuff has happened during the time of my last piece of writing, more specifically the huge thing of me coming to terms that I'll soon be living alone again for who knows how long. Feelings are still high and everywhere but I know I can pull through this in time, and I cannot thank you all enough for the sweet words you gave onto me from the last post.I'm gonna pick myself back up and give you all some work that'll knock your socks off; but now's the time for action and less talk, and to be honest, I'm all talked out after this crazy month/year haha.Im gonna try get the lewd pieces done tomorrow but I wont promise anything. Thank yuo all so much again for your patience and understanding during this hard time and I wish you all nothing but the best.With all my love,- Kili

    Big update -

    So I never really want to go into detail with the happenings of my personal relationships, however this one is important for not only myself but the content on this patreon.So sadly, me and Smiley have decided to end our relationship. We've ended on extremely good terms and are happy for the other, but emotions are still very raw and high. Smiles, himself will be taking a long break and I told him if he's no longer comfortable with posting work here, he should make sure he's taking care of and doing work for himself first and foremost.So as of today with Smiley polls will be removed and I'll be sure to add a different benefit to the goal made. I do also ask, please for your patience with me yet again as I want to use some time to recover and heal and make sure Smiley is okay during these times too. Which means rewards for this month will be delayed into early next month.If anything changes I'll let you all know but for now I wanted to keep you in the light of everything. 2020's coming at us all fast; but I feel like what happened here will speak to a brighter future for everyone in my personal life.For now, I'm going to get some ramen.Be kind to each other,- Kili

    Poll winners!

    WE HAVE THEM WINNERS!And wow, my ocs won again??? I think I might need to take them off the polls for the future cause this seems to keep happening haha. Plus I wanna give videogame characters a bigger spotlight!So For the Pinup: Oreo! And for the smut: Lane!Funnily enough I actually had a smut image planned and roughed of Lane ploughing Oreo so this works out pretty damn wonderfully!The rift apart lombax was SO CLOSE, so I may just do a pinup of her anyway, but no promises! Her design and colour pallet really appealed to me since I first saw her so I've had the itch to draw her...and draw a huugeee dick cumlating her but hey.Anyway! I'll get some WIPs up for you guys soon! Again, apologies if the lewd image is just one picture with multiple alts this month, but I dont wanna promise anything then under-deliver!Take care and have a safe week,With love,- Kili

    July Pin up Poll!

    Vote time, folks! Who's getting their seduction on?

    July SMUT poll!

    Given how I've been the past few months this may just be a single smut picture but I'll try my best to make it a set!

    Avdisers! Who should go on the polls?

    It's that time!Let's hear who should go on the polls this month c:- Kili

    July time

    Well well well, we're at month number 7 and already it feels like the year should've been over long ago haha. I hope you're all handling stuff okay, lord knows the bad news in the world and my personal life keeps building and I feel as fragile as those delivery boxes with a 'this side up' sticker on it.So this month I've got my work laid out for me which is nice! And I'll be cracking at it slowly but carefully, making sure I maintain that quality of work. The lewd set of the hotsprings is still being chipped at so expect that soon, and smiley is ready to get back into the poll scene, so those will be heading back up this month!It feels like we're slooowlly getting back to how things were before this whole shit storm started but hey. The most we can all do is try our best right?Polls will be going up over the next few days so remember to look out for those! And to the advisers, Im looking forward to the suggestions! I reckon I personally wanna throw that new R&C girl on the smut piece buuut that's just me.I also have plans for some more smut sets, but you'll see exactly what they contain when the WIPs go up, and I reckon it's time I do less telling and more showing!Anyway, let's keep on going on during this terrible terrible year, and hopefully we can all get outta this alive. Thank you all so much for the support during it all going on too. It really speaks a whole lot to have you all here ; ; <3With all my love.- Kili


    Coloured sketch friends are now live! Only two this month sadly but I hope you all enjoy them~IF YOU GET A 404 JUST REFRESH, IMGUR IS BEING WEIRD.Morning wouldMessy seshy See you tomorrow for July's post with updates and the lot! Also when to expect the lewd set etc <3 Thank you all again for all your patience with me during these strange, messy times.With love,- Kili

    June Blue friend sketches!

    Hot off the presses! Here are the blue boy sketches for those in the tier! Thank you again for your patience~IF YOU GET A 404 JUST REFRESH, IMGUR'S BEING WEIRD.Grillin' aint easy Heavy stuffingFull nelsonedFruitful booty


    Get them ideas to me before the 25th! c:


    Ooohh here we go, y'all! Results are in:Pinup: KaliLewd set: Petal.Abbi/YvetteDamn all my ocs!? Well gosh heck guys, it means a whole lot to me that you like them all that much! Kali is always fun to fool around with (so to speak) and I think I have a perfect idea for the 3 girls.Let's just say: after Abbi's hotspring pinup, a whoollle lotta fun will be added to the mix!Thanks so much again for voting, y'all~ Gonna look forward to these <3With love,- Kili

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