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This project almost died in production because of how little significance I was attributing it (its not really 'porn', just a semi lewd concept) and how much headache it was causing me D:

That water simulation obviously took some trial and error to get right (I think for the final sim I used around 600 resolution, took a few days to finish baking) but the real issues didn't begin appearing until it was time to start rendering. I wanted to use cycles for this scene because of the abundance of water (eevee is really not equipped to handle refraction and reflections) so I knew it would take a while to render, but I was seeing really bad render times (around 15 minutes per frame) and while it is rendering I cant use my computer, so I figured I would use a renderfarm. It was then that I realized the bake files for this project were 28 gb, and uploading that to a server obviously takes some time. 

Luckily I would only need to upload these files once, right? Sadly, I ran into weird issues with the fluid not appearing in the render I got back from the server, or the fluid being completely white, or the fluid being in two places at once, or being frozen in time. It was a nightmare because every time I changed something I had to repack the project to a .zip file, and re-upload.

Thankfully a talented friend of mine was able to hook me up with a python script that solved my issues, and I was able to render without any further problems. Except not because then on some frames the fluid was just gone, so I had to re-render some frames on my own machine :l

If you read this wall of text, thanks man I appreciate you reading about my frustrations.

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I'm gonna go outside now, it's a nice day ( ' - ')/


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