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Hello you beautiful people!

The TickleHQ family is growing fast and I'm so happy.

Here is me, ripping these awful tights haha. Tbf, they did look sick on the pics and videos.
Can you see how happy I am ripping them apart?

A teaser for the next instalment tomorrow, I have had some technical issues, which red is trying to sort. So ready for the next drop??

Also I just watched the 3 part series, Nothing is what it's seems... OMFG! Best content yet! You guys are going to literally love this set. It's has it all. Me being absolutely done over, F/M and Lady Amber...some mega bondage.

Also what color nylons shall I buy for me and Solana? Thinking pastels? Think Twister, nylons and electric tooth brushes! 🤔.

Big love from me, Jade & Red xxx

Seeing all new faces and our die hard supporters makes me dead happy.

Have a lovely weekend 😘 xx



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