Announcing Platinum Tier!

Hey there, and thanks for your huge support you´´ re giving to me on Patreon. As a thanks, and with a limited spots, I´ m gonna open a new tier, where you get as following:


$100 or more per month-I will post all of my finished images here first.
-You wil have access to all of the sketches I create.
-you will have access to linearts (new)

- You´ll have access to preview of future pictures.
-You will have access to Hi Res versions of the pictures and wallpapers (if possible)
-You will have acces to alternative versions of my public pictures (new)
-You will have access to Wip states and tutorials of my pictures (if it`s possible)
-Every month I will make for you a cell shaded picture SFW or NSFW containing one character of your choice. Also you get the uncompressed PSD file of your picture.

The quality of the picture will be as shown on this picture above, and you´ ll be able to request 1 character of your choice.

EDIT: You´ ll be able to request this tier after payment has been processed by Patreon.