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  • For anyone interested in seeing more progress on HalloweEnGIRL v2, check out the discord channel's "Honey_Flow" I'm currently recording test videos now for more bouncing boob and body animation, I've added boob bounce for x3 and x4 body bounce and have adjusted the anal sex 

    I asked Newguy2 to make a few sketches and he put in 2 styles of cowgirl (kneeling and squatting) and a Full Nelson. I personally feel that Full Nelson or other more intense sex scenes should come after the first one.

    Thank you again for all your suggestions and ideas, thank you also for your support at such a high tier. There were some really interesting ideas put forth like spooning sex, leg lift and reverse standing cowgirl, which I have taken note of because I think they would work best in the next sex scene. If Full Nelson doesn't win in this vote I also will bring it up in the next sex scene ideas.
    PLEASE NOTE: after newguy2 gave me these sketches someone mentioned full body in shot is best, and I agree. So please note that regardless of what sex scene is picked we will do our best to get 'head to toe' of Maki fitting in the shot.

    for this sex scene we will build the animation, then add the scirpt and parts for futa option (trap & full package)
    Also, all final animations will be in the same style as the original, as you can see in the HandJob starter scene.

    Cowgirl Kneeling

    Cowgirl Squatting

    Full Nelson

    ALSO Background Choice
    Someone mentioned also that the background would make more sense as the original boiler room from the scene, I agree but I tend to naturally be driven to put my beach setting spin on things. Either way it'll be nice and sweaty 😉💦
    Down below you can also add a vote for Beach or Boiler Room

    Thank you so much everyone for your time and input!

    For anyone interested in seeing more progress on HalloweEnGIRL v2, check out the discord channel's "Honey_Flow" I'm currently recording test videos now for more bouncing boob and body animation, I've added boob bounce for x3 and x4 body bouce and have adjusted the anal sex animation so as not to collide with her pussy. That's 3 sizes of her boob, bouncing with 2 tentacle interactions each for x3 (humping normal) and x4 (pull body down thrust - that works more for DP), I've also added Futa balls bounce, and futa tentacle lick and suck animation.

    Ok, that's it for me for now. Thanks again everyone!! Newguy2 and I are really excited about Maki Oze and I'm really motivated with my ongoing progress with HalloweEnGIRLv2.

    Hi every one, thank you so much for the support and joining us for another month.
    I've been busy working on HalloweEnGIRLv2 tentacle animations, script, bouncing boobs and body etc. I've also helped NG2 (Newguy2) with the build of his first independently animated game with Maki Oze.

    If anyone is interested I do post updates on the progress of work on the discord channel "Honey-Flow" I'll also be posting a Work In Progress post soon with screen recorded videos of animation and button tests. Otherwise just know, I'm happily working on the regular and am looking forward to showing you more stuff soon.

    As you might know, Maki Oze from Fire Force won the vote. I thought that it would be fun to parody that fan favorite scene of her bending forward pov style, we could add dialogue and lead to the sex scenes of your choice. This way we can help NG2 learn step by step about how these animations of ours are built. 

    This scene is fully animated with different eyes, a full mouth lip sync: 9 frames of different mouths. Bikini top and bottom can be removed.
    NG2 can now draw a background (I was thinking beach haha, as usual) lots of anime fan service happens at the beach anyhow.

    The idea is to build this animation based game scene by scene  😄
    So, if you want to share, feel free to comment a sex position and view angle you'd like to see and I'll pass it on to NG2. I'll let him pick out a few to sketch and put up for voting.

    I look forward to seeing your ideas and thank you again for all the help and kindness ❤️

    HI! Thank you so much for contributing at this high level tier! I wanted to show you the collection of animations and images for HalloweEnGIRL v2 so you can see more of the work I've been doing.
    In the Flash game, I have animated every image you see here, however I'm sorry I haven't made animated GIF's of every segment, I feel it's best I allocate more time to making the Flash game by spending less time making GIFs. 😊 Thank you for understanding and I hope you're happy with all the work I've been putting into HalloweEnGIRL v2

    Also please note that the animations are all within the larger full body animation so they look stiff when singled out, but will have a much nicer bouncy feel when viewed in game.

    I'll start by showing you the 'skip' button I've added to the song section.
    -I made a cut of the audio and added the skip button to go straight to the BJ scene

    I've also added little buttons in a panel on the left of screen, for all accessories in the sex scenes so that you can change her attributes without restarting the game.

    I made a right version of the panel for the tentacle scene

    Here is also a little tentacle button to start the scene (on the right)
    It only shows up after the first cum facial

    and leads to this animation

    I corrected the sex animation, I needed to animate perspective as well,
    here is the old animation

    and here is the new animation ⬇️
    this one works better during the anal animation as well.

    Here are some images from the Honey Flow, in case you don't follow the progress on discord...

    I've made buttons to so we can go through the different animations,
    here you can see an example combination of choices with just the nipples for now.
    Top Left ( x1 and x1 nipples)

    Top Left ( x2 and x1 nipples)

    Top Left ( x2 and x2 nipples)

    I've also been able to animate anal sex and tentacle anal sex

    also you can see here some of the sex and clit combos (futa option combos I'll be working on next)

    This is all for the first tentacle speed scene, about foreplay and initial sex, as promised I will also be making a hardcore scene with faster and more 'creative' sex options, followed by the orgasm animations.
    For now all I have left to do for this scene is to animate 2 teaser animations for her futa options and then I'll be scripting/animating her facial reactions. I'll add the background at the same time I get our audio peeps working on this scenes voice acting and sfx.

    Thank you again for being a part of this team and our work! be sure to check out this post too! To see more of my work this month and team work and what's planned check out this link That includes Aika's and Newguy2's work for us 



    HI everyone! Thank you so much for your involvement and support! It's really wonderful to have you all, and I only aim to keep up the work. It has been a productive and busy month, I've been animating and scripting a lot on HalloweEnGIRL and I've helped Aika and Newguy2 a little in their projects.

    As a quick summary, from the top of my head HalloweEnGIRL only needs some animation on her futa option and I can start scripting and animating her expressions as well as get voice acting involved.
    Quick Recap I've finished:
    The full body animation base for the initial part of the 2 part tentacle scene.
    Animation of Left and Right Boob tenta nipple teasing and licking
    (for each of the 3 boob sizes).
    Clit lick and suck tenta animations.
    Pov penis tease and rub combination animations.
    Pov penis & tentacle insert and sex option animation.
    Pov penis & tentacle sex and clit stimulation combo animations.
    tentacle anal rim and tentacle anal tease animation
    anal insert and sex animation with tentacle option.
    Futa balls tentacle grab
    A panel with all buttons for all accessories in sex scenes
    a skip button for dance intro


    Newguy2 is now working on the base and animation for Maki Oze!

    Thank you everyone who suggested and voted, I'm so delighted from your involvement and feeback, I'm really sorry that not everyone got their choice but I promise I'll make our lead character in the new animations very fun and sexy. When the voting was taking place, Mirko (Rumi Usagiyama) came in second by just a handful of votes, that shows that an almost equal amount of people wanted her too, so I'll be commissioning a new artist I came across, to be doing some stills of her. More on that in the coming month.

    What will Newguy2 and I be creating with Maki Oze!? Well I've already finished the game build for him and it's designed for him to animate/contribute without taking up much of my time (because I'm busy with HalloweEnGIRLv2).

    Any fan of Maki Oze knows this scene...

    So we are making a 'fan service' version of this but with sex scene options you can choose from.
    We were thinking that she's wearing and bikini at the beach, giving you a hand job and asking you "what do you want to do?" (using a voice actor)
    And that can lead to the scenes you suggest and vote for. 

    This way it's not complicated for me to script, or for Newguy2 to learn, we can also build it scene by scene depending on what you want to see and he's a competent animator so he can handle the bulk of this job while I focus on HGv2.


    Coffeebee and I love the meme that came from this song Phao - 2 Phut Hon And the original animation is from MeMeMe! by Studio Khara.

    When Coffee asked me to make a Creambee version of the meme I thought there's also a possibility that I could use that same animation later. For massage game idea; where you can attract customers with sexy dances and then give xxx massages to level up and unlock more dances and more massage techniques. For now Aika has made a nude version and she'll be adding a bikini and futa version as well.

    working on futa option

    As a bonus, in case you missed it uploaded on the discord's Honey Flow here is Newguy2's finisher illustrations of "Genshin of the Wild" Jean Gunnhildr

    thank you so much everyone! I'll be sure to upload images of HalloweEnGIRL's progress and I'll be sharing Newguy2's progress on Maki too!

    Take care everyone! I'll be animating/scripting but I'll do my best to check the comments regularly if you need me :D

    All the best!


    Thank you so much for your suggestions! I really appreciate you sharing and if your character didn't get in, I am sorry, I promise as always to do my best to make sure the winning character and the situations she's in is very sexy. ❤️

    From Newguy2's character input and your comments we have stumbled across a theme, so I'm going to go with,
    "New Year's Resolution: Fit & Sexy"

    The most suggested and liked characters tallied up to these top 4.

    Maki Oze - Fire Force

    (artist top right: airisubaka)

    Noi - Dorohedoro (original manga design)

    Mirko - My Hero Academia 

    (artist left: Free Style Yohan1754)

    Brigitte - Overwatch

    Thank you so much for your involvement! I'm looking forward to seeing what newguy2 will be able to pull of. I'm thinking theme's of hot n sweaty, maybe sex in the gym. Currently I think it'll be a good idea to start off with one loop sex scene and add more as we go. That can be anything from faster speeds to other positions and cum finishers, let's play it by ear for now, I'm still personally focused on HalloweEnGIRL Tentacle animations and script.

    Cheers, thanks again and I'll catch you soon.

    HI! As I hope you're all aware of, Newguy2 has been making stills with Link and Jean Gunnslingr, I commissioned him to do these pieces for several reasons. It allowed me to see how well he could take direction, how well he could create attractive work, how little involvement he would need from me to reach a certain level of quality. So far I think he's pretty good!
    In case you're new and missed the images as they where posted here is the link to

    larger sized Patreon Posts here

    He's currently drawing the cum facial for Jean now.
    I've discussed it with him and I feel that he's ready to take on his own animations, like a short, something simple, maybe start with a sex loop and cum finisher, maybe later add a couple more loops for different positions, that sorta thing 😊He's said he's eager and would prefer to animate.

    Only if you'd enjoy sharing ❤️ feel free to share your favorite anime / cartoon / video game gal, I'll be taking in the most requested and most liked ones for a voting poll.

    I wanted newguy2 to feel included, after all he will be drawing her, so I asked him to share 3 of his favorites, interestingly enough, they're all pretty fit ladies.

    Maki oze - fireforce
    (still art by afrobull and airisubaka)

    Diane - 7 deadly sins
    (still art by zanzagen and vengadorazul21)

    Noi - Dorohedoro
    (still art by kuroobiayu)

    Yes, I do know that Noi is a very muscular character, and I find that genuinely interesting, I would however make sure that newguy2 draws her curvy with a sexy feminine face. I genuinely appreciate the original character and the design for what it is in the series but I would be taking artistic license to make her more curvy in a sexy feminine way.

    Thanks again everybody! Newguy2 still prefers to go by 'newguy2' haha so I guess that's his handle now 😂 All the best and I look forward to hearing your suggestions.


    HI ya'll thanks for joining me for a bit, I just wanted to get your opinion on something.

    When it comes to interaction how do you feel about playing with the girls body?

    Do you prefer interaction with mouse movement or do you prefer choosing looped animation speeds or do you need both?
    For example, would you prefer moving your mouse to masturbate her, play with her boobs, etc. Maybe you like the idea of touching her digitally and being in 1:1 control.
    Or maybe you like choosing speeds with a click of a button more because you'd rather watch.

    The reason I ask this is because I always assumed that 1:1 control was the way to go, that click holding and dragging was the best, but many people often ask for it to be an auto looped animation, so I would really like to know the vibe to get a better idea.

    Thanks for your time!!

    PS. a little side note, Newguy2 has shown me that he is pretty good at drawing pretty girls in different angles by himself, without needing me to edit the way they look. Because he's proven so far that he can provide content without needing my involvement, I'll be giving him a short animation project, stay tuned for a suggestion post 😉

    Hello! I hope your year is off to a good start! Thank you so much for your continued support, it means so much to me, I’m incredibly motivated and have been working away at hallowEnGIRLv2.

    Personally I feel I’ve started off well and I’m looking forward to creating as much as I can for a new year.

    I hope you don't mind but I'd love to keep this post brief and in point form, so I can get back to making more animations. 

    Some of you might know that I’ve been posting updated images of my work in progress on the discord channel Honey Flow, and for those of you who don’t follow the Honey Flow, rest assured I’ve been busy and have created these animations so far...

    HalloweEnGIRL v2
    -animated scene transition from POV BJ with tentacles

    -sex situation 1 (of 2) with tentacles,

    -all three boob sizes,

    -with option futa: full package and trap

    -tentacle nipple pulling all three boob sizes (just the right boob for now)

    -tentacle licking animation all three boob sizes (just the right boob for now)

    -tentacle clit licking anim

    -tentacle clit sucking anim

    - pov pussy, male penis insert

    - pov pussy, male penis sex, first speed

    - pov pussy, large tentacle sex, first speed

    - tentacle anal licking anim

    - tentacle anal small insertion anim

    - futa balls are groped by a small tentacle so they are moved out of the way of the other pussy and anal animations.

    I’m going to work on a bit more script now so I can play the build with these new animations

    next animations I’ll be making

    -anal sex stuff

    -futa tentacle stuff

    -the left nipple animations to match

    - tentacle oral stuff

    Then it’s onto overall final scripting, drawing the background and new interactive buttons while the new voice audio and sound effects are made :D

    Then a test release will be put out so that I can continue with sex situation 2 (of 2) the more hard core speed, animation and cum finishers.

    Newguy2 is making a still image, cum facial pov finisher to complete the Link and Jean Gunnhildr still series. 

    Aika has been very busy during December with personal stuff but she’s back and now working on a dance meme animation that goes to Hai Phut Hon -Zero Two Dancing meme. Two reasons why she’s doing this:

    1. I love that animation anyway and would like to have a bikini version, nude version and futa version with B-Chan (Creambee avatar).
    2. There’s a possibility I could use the same animation Aika makes for a future game, specifically the massage game. I was thinking in between massage/sex scenes B-Chan can unlock sexy dances to attract customers to the massage parlor.

    I’m sorry I have to keep this post brief, I’m on a role with the animations and I just realized I have to tweak the pov sex animation to make up for perspective, so I’m now compelled to do that haha.
    Thank you everyone so much, I really hope you’re doing well and I also hope my work here can provide you with some joy, I can't wait to show you the actual game.

    Be sure to follow the twitter and newgrounds for some extra work like stills that Aika and ‘Newguy2’ make.



    In case you didn't get it in the discord, here is the Nude version

    Merry Christmas everyone! 

    I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not I'm sending you my dearest wishes. The team and I are so thankful to have you. Your support and encouragement through this very tough year has been amazing and I couldn't ask for more. I can't wait to show you more work, but for now I just wanted to take the time and wish you all the best!

    Happy Holidays!

    I'm making this post because I want everyone to know how grateful I am, that I have you. Thank you for supporting the work, the team and myself. I know we are all in a tough time, each dealing with the lock downs, outbreaks and economy. I understand that we all have our own individual struggles to get through, from my own perspective all I can say is I feel very lucky and thankful. I genuinely wish you all the best in these times :D

    That being said, onto our work!
    Tentacles are on the way

    The build is coming along nicely, I've started animating tentacles and I'm building it in 2 stages, 1 stage is pov pose 1 with rubbing and sex animations and stage 2 is more hardcore followed by orgasms.

    I've drawn and scripted the x3 boob sizes, the hair, the hair stripes, the eyes,
    I'm currently building her left nipple so cycle through the tentacle scenes of: no tentacle, pulling, licking, etc. The same build will then be used for her pussy, ass, and futa options.

    side note: these tentacles are a reference to a very inspiring flash by the master Zone-tan, Hentai Key Girl 5

    If you would like to see more work in progress images, I post them in the honey-flow channel on our discord as I continue to work. otherwise know that I'm working hard and happily motivated :D

    as a bonus here are some drawings from our anon artists.
    Remember to right click and save or view image to get the full size

    continued from here

    I've got to get back to work now, thanks again everyone!!

    Download Creambee_-_HalloweEnGIRLv1_Ruffle_Test.swf

    HI! Thank you so much for being a great help and supporting our work. I hope this month will go well for you! Thank you for participating, sharing ideas and voting.

    I'm currently preparing the build for the winning vote, Tentacles + guy POV. If you're interested in seeing screenshots of the work in progress I will be updating the "honey-flow" discord text channel as I go along.

    I have finished editing the current  hallowEnGIRL, version 1, to work on Ruffle.
    if you would like to test it out on Ruffle,
    -download "Creambee - HalloweEnGIRLv1 Ruffle Test"
    -go to

    -play the file, Creambee - HalloweEnGIRLv1 Ruffle Test.swf, on the website.

    What did I change for Ruffle? Well Ruffle Flash emulator doesn't do blur effects or other layering effects so things like a blurry background, light glow, shaded colours or the see-through VHS effect didn't work.
    - rebuilt each frame of the VHS effect to have transparency.
    - re-coloured the backgrounds to be more muted and took out some line work, this was to compensate for no blur.
    - re drew glowing pumpkin glow, again no blur.
    - I made the close up, pov eyes more pretty with moving shine and shades of colour, also no blur.

    I can't wait to show you the Tentacle work, thank you again for your support!
    Bonus Images made by our part time animators newguy1 and newguy2 (they still want to remain anonymous without a handle)
    You have probably noticed on our Twitter or on Newgrounds that I have been posting images. As I work on HalloweEnGIRL I'm to busy to help our other artists on interactive, scripted animation. So to help them develop their personal erotic art styles I give them ideas to draw. It doesn't take up to much of my time and I get to focus on HalloweEnGIRL.


    EGirl One Finger Challenge (re-post)

    EGirl Shocker (new)


    Breath of the Impact / Genshin Wild
    Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact share to many similarities (rip-offs) I wouldn't be surprised if Link showed up and caused a little mischief himself. 

    -----> to be continued

    One more thing, I really liked the art that KlimSpree drew for Creambee so I drew one of Latte, KlimSpree's OC. I haven't drawn something is so long it was good for me to do, it was like taking a chill pill, a refresher. I'm glad I took a day to make something that didn't involve much planning or 'building'. The constant threat of Covid and my personal pressure that I give myself to make better animations tend to build up sometimes and so it was a nice change of pace for me.

    Thank you again everyone!!
    If you would like to follow us on Twitter or Newgrounds here are a couple links.

    Do take care of yourselves! I can't wait to show you the development of HalloweEnGIRL! Feel free to comment if you want and I'll be sure to reply.


    Hi! Thank you so much for the suggestions and sharing your the ideas in the last post.  

    Because the standard Adobe Flash player is ending this Dec 30, I'd like to shift focus to HalloweEnGIRL additions now. Because Kaijuicy is a larger project, I feel it's best to wait and see what actually happens after the 30th and then decide how to continue building Kaijuicy. HalloweEnGIRL will now also be slightly modified to work on Ruffle.

    Taking your suggestions from the previous post, regardless of the winning vote, I will try my very best to add in these options / details.  

    -skippable intro rap
    -accessible side bar for different options
    -bulge option
    - anal & vaginal animations
    -ahegao (increased flustered expression from orgasms)
    - option whether it's DP or one on one for GangBang or Werewolf GangBang
    - futa option (GangBang / Werewolf GangBang will be Full Package, not Trap style)
    - pre cum - impregnation (random chance for sperm to enter egg animation)
    - option for tentacle all the way through (if Tentacles win) - uncircumcised penises option

    Vote for: GangBang, 2 angles, 2 speeds each, 1 finisher

    PackBang (werewolf, human penis) 2 angles, 2 speeds each, 1 finisher

    Tentacle + Guy POV, 1 angle (pov), 2 Positions, 2 speeds each, 1 finisher

    Thank you so much for the support at this high level tier, you're incredibly helpful with our development of this game and I can't wait to get cracking on the next animations. I promise whatever vote wins I'll do my very best at drawing and animating it to be sexy.

    All the best


    ps. I'm very very sorry but I made a mistake! I had to re-upload this post to be voted for again, I accidentally made it so people could vote for more than one thing thus made the Tentacle vote a much more powerful vote if combined. This voting is now only ONE choice per vote that way it's fair. eg. If someone wants tentacle you can vote for either futa options and it will still count as tentacle, but you can't vote for both to double a tentacle vote.

    Hi ALL! thank you so much for your input and support! From the last vote it shows that you'd like us to add to HalloweEnGIRL first and then look into creating a game for both PC, Mac AND Android (using a game developer).

    Kaijuicy build updates.

    Everythings going well, we are working on the Babezilla dominant sex starter animation. Aika chose the side angle and I'm working on the POV angle.

    I drew the faces and set up the build for animation, Aika shaded, added details and drew in the clothing and  wrote in the clothing script. She still needs to get BChan's LEFT arm drawn in next to her Right, I believe got confused. Also because we want the Boobs to animate nicely for the Paizuri/Boob Job we're putting a bit more effort in how we animate the boobs.

    I've finished all the scripting, clothing, setup, etc. I just need to build a better boob shape and animation build for the scene. I'm working on that now, the whole point of this scene is the boob job so we want to get that right ;D

    Also this scene is now complete with futa & strap on options and animation :D 

    The new guys
    As you know it's just Aika and I who do the Kaijuicy work, we have a couple of anonymous helpers (newguy1 and newguy2) that prefer to stay without an identity. I want you all to know that even though they do help with HalloweEnGIRL animations, all their submitted animation work does still need me to tweak/edit it and therefore takes up a lot of my time.
    As a way to get them to contribute works and develop their art style, but not take up my busy time, I've decided to give them digital drawing work to do. When we get back into HalloweEnGIRL I'll have them involved in the animation again.

    (by newguy2)
    Jean Gunnhildr: Genshin Impact
    Ever notice how similar Genshin Impact is to Breath of the Wild?
    Well Link might mistake a few things himself...

    ...To be continued

    (by newguy1)
    Looks like E Girl missed the point of the "one finger selfie challenge", or was the first to get it right.

    the original concept by artist "Botan Michito"

    HalloweEnGIRL share ideas
    It looks like the majority of people believe it's better to add on to HalloweEnGIRL first and then start thinking about working with a developer to build an ero game that works on PC, Mac and Android.
    So while Aika and I continue the BoobJob animations for Kaijuicy, if you like, feel free to leave comments on any next scene or additions you'd like to see for HallowEnGIRL and I'll try to balance out some ideas in groups that can be later voted on.

    Example Ideas:
    Gangbang, Tentacles, stomach cum fill, Wherewolf, pregnancy animation, etc.

    Then I can group for voting, like these examples:
    Idea group 1: Guy pulls in Halloween Girl and has room mates + gang bang, two angles, 1 finisher with chance of pregnancy animation. (also has futa option)
    Idea group 2: Pulls in Halloween Girl, guy has Tentacle room mate (LOL), Tentacle sex scene with Guy DP, 1 finisher with option to fill stomach with cum (also has futa option)

    I'm looking forward to reading your ideas <3
    Thank you so much for the help, support and involvement, you're wonderful and are equally part of why creating this work is so rewarding!

    Cheers, see you in the comments!

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for supporting the Kaijuicy interactive animation and it's progress.

    Aika and I are now moving to Line 6 and Line 7 for the first sex scene animations :D
    I understand that they aren't penetration sex but like HalloweEnGIRL we want to start this interactive animation with non-penetrative sex that has cum finishers so we can lead to suggesting and voting for the next sex scenes together :D

    We're really happy with all we've drawn and animated so far, things feel great and I can't wait to show you the Tit-Job and BJ animations as they come out.

    For now here are the finish-ups of the last animations, some are 'still' shots from the animations. I've decided that since creating the animated GIFs take so long I rather spend more time on finishing the actual Flash content.

    Remember that both girls cycle through two facial expressions in the loop in game, I just can't make a GIF long enough for both.

    Here is a comparison with clothed chest and futa to see the variation I made

    Here is B-Chan winning 

    and here is the futa and clothed chest comparison

    Quick note, I later noticed the back of BChan's hair animating a little odd so I did fix that, I just didn't have time to remake this GIF, my apologies.

    Here are some stills from the finished animation of Babe-Zillas dominating scene, they are all animated, Aika is just finishing the futa animations now :D

    Over all Aika did well and gave the animation more 'bounce' to go with the music of the game.
    I'm very happy with the way the but cheek spreads here.

    Aika also finished giving BZilla two facial expressions for each animation

    I love her enthusiasm here, but I feel I'll have to adjust the eyes to make eye contact since BabeZilla is the dominant one here.

    Also the futa addition, optional for each scene of course. 

    Fixed up the hands a bit, I felt it was needed

    Aika also fixed up the hair :D

    Over all, things are going great and we owe it to you and your support. Thank you so much for everything and I hope you're happy with the progress, it is a larger animation project I know but we do want to create something larger than our usual, at least this once.

    Also, remember, after we finish the next set of animations we would like to take a short break to build on something from the last discussion post, to prevent things from going stale. Be sure to VOTE on the direction you'd like us to take as I'm putting that poll up now :D

    Cheers and thank you!!


    In the last post I received a lot of interesting and helpful feedback.

    In summary:
    Aika and I are currently building animations for Kaijuicy's first sex scenes. When we finish at least one sex scene, for variety, we want to build/add something new. 

    After going over all your comments, I put together that:
    A lot of you would like to add a penetrative sex scene to HalloweEnGIRL.
    A lot of you would like to see something new in a cross platform build.
    As for BTS a lot of you felt it's best to focus on something new, so I feel it's best to move on for now. I do know people have suggested BTS boob job and gang bang but we can still take those ideas and put them into the other games. For example, I am working on a Boob job for Kaijuicy now and if we go with adding a sex scene to HalloweEnGIRL we can make it a gangbang. Still, I do wish I had the time and ability to make more.

    Option 1: Develop an interactive game for Android, PC and MAC.
    We won't go to big to start, I'll still make the animations with Flash so you can all enjoy segments in .swf format. I'll find a programmer to build so you can have interactivity and play on your computers and android touchscreen as well.
    One Idea I passed around was a Masseuse game where you unlock masturbation and sex. Remember! If Option 1 wins you're more than welcome to suggest other ideas for games.
    some sketch ideas:

    Option 2: Add a sex scene to HalloweEnGIRL.
    We can share ideas of whatever next scene you want: Tentacles, Guy turns into a werewolf, I can swap the male character with a Girl (futa/strap-on), EGirl is pulled into the house (roomates, tentacle couch), EGirl is pulled into the garden (costume gangbang, tentacle tree) It's completely up to you all to share your ideas.

    Note: This doesn't mean one or the other will be cancelled, it just means what to discuss to build next.
    and yes there will be a Futa option for either direction, also don't feel you need to rush to come up with ideas or vote right now. Aika and I are busy with a lot to do for Kaijuicy first :D

    Thanks again! Your input means a lot to me, not just financial support (which is amazing) but also because overall there's a lot for me to consider and it's hard to say yes and no to somethings. You all make me feel a lot more assured.  



    Hi! Thank you so much for sticking with us another month, and to those who are joining us now, thank you too for your support and interest!

    Since the start of this month Aika and I have been / and are currently working on Kaijuicy, for those of you who don’t know Kaijuicy is our larger animation project with more original characters. An interactive animation where you get to choose which babe dominates over the other in a Giant hero vs Sexy Kaijui setting.

    We’ll be showing you the new scenes as soon as we can.

    Quick update list of what we have added to kaijuicy:

    In Kaiju dominant grope animations (Aika)

    - Better ‘bounce’ animation

    - More facial expression

    - Better but grope animation

    - Bchan anal exposure during grope

    In main Kaiju vs Hero chest bump animation (CB)

    - Futa and Dildo additions and animations

    - eye and expression tweeking with random blink animations for each

    - additional nude breast animations (more bouncy than clothed breast animation)

    - additional arm animation for futa/dildo (fingering vs jacking)


    What I’d like to talk about – The future direction of Creambee

    Finishing Kaijuicy release v1 is the current goal. But while we work on that we all have this time to share ideas. I will bring up three points and from that we can gather up your input from the comment section. Our goal will be to eventually decide what we should put our time effort and focus on next. All ideas are open for further input and discussion. 

    1. We need to make a cross platform piece.

    One that can be considered a ‘game’, something that can be played on PC, MAC and Android phones.

    For those who are thinking about Sun Shine Gal, I too wished we could have continued building that game, however due to software and build restraints, AND legal restraints it’s best that we take what we love about SSG and move it to a new game, with ‘original’ characters and a better software build. Plus we needed to make better audio and animation interactivity for it as well.

    Because I can build and animate in flash, I can create flash segments for you in .swf format for that classic creambee approach, but also have a programmer take the animations and build the full game in a more modern format.

    One idea I have: Sun Shine Special Service, is a game idea that comes to mind. You control a sexy female masseuse who has to attract female clients and build her skills and reputation at massage and ‘extra service’.

    2. Add more to Bangin’ Talent Show. 

    There have been requests and suggestions to adding more to BTS, specifically more sex scenes, also for me to try to add in an interactive POV BJ. Coffeebee even suggested redoing the voice audio, which I agree could be better.

    Pro: BTS v4 is currently the top 17th adult game of all time on newgrounds so clearly it’s making a lot of people happy :D

    Con: we are using Shantae (IP of Wayforward) so development of this game into a 'real game' build outside of Flash, using a companies IP character can be risky.

    Also to note: Shantae is already built to be more of an interactive animation and would be very hard, time consuming and risky to remodel it into an actual ‘game’ game.

    Naturally we can discuss more ideas and recap old ones that people have mentioned before about the game.

    3. HalloweEnGIRL is set up for an additional sex scene. 

    I know this is a short that was made for Halloween but by all means it was made to have the option so it’s there if you all want to bring it up/ comment that you’d like the additional scene sooner. This is a discussion though, so by all means if you feel you’d like us to focus on something else in the mean time and come back for an additional sex scene later in the future, feel free to share in the comments.

    To recap, this is a starter discussion, this is to help us get a better idea of what you want from us in the near future, and also to hear ideas you would like to share. Aika and I will be busy with Kaijuicy for now so by all means take your time. :D

    Thank you again so much for your support! Be sure to follow on twitter if you like

    Also, for those of you who aren’t familiar with newgrounds, if enough people vote with enough 5 star votes, games get moved up the ranks.


    Thank you so much everyone! This means so much to the team and I. I hope you are all proud of yourselves, your support and ideas all contributed to making what clearly is a good piece of fap material :D From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


    Download Creambee_-_HalloweEnGIRLv1.swf

    download .swf
    play on
    play on newgrounds

    Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you have plans for a wonderful evening. I want to thank you so much for being a part of Creambee and helping us out, thank you for the support and fond wishes. As a team we worked hard on this animation and we really hope you like what we've been able to put together.

    Newguy1 (anonymous artist 1) and I designed the character, it was his initial art style that we went with. He animated 4 of the dance loops

    Manila Ice (anonymous artist 2) animated 2 dance loops and the side angle sex scene.

    Aika added in clothing+accessories, clothing+accessory script and 2 more boob sizes.

    Kato worked on the audio, trap beat, and voice FX. Original background music from "Mitch Murder - Savage"

    CoffeeBee did the voice acting and rap

    I designed the dance loop poses, POV animation, multiple design edits, futa option, most script, backgrounds and I wrote the rap lyrics (inspired by Senzawa's rap in Belle Delphine's "I'm Back").

    You made it all possible! :D

    Do remember that the next post, starting in November, will be a discussion post for everyone to share their ideas and desires about what should be added next. We'll get into more detail then, I'd also like to bring up the current direction of Creambee in general. We can talk about adding sex positions, etc. The best ideas will be later voted on.
    As the discussions and votes go on I will be working on Kaijuicy again.

    I wish you all the best, feel free to send me a PM or I'll see you in the comments.
    Thank you again so much! I'll catch you soon, (not if I see you first! MUAHAHAHA!)

    Happy Halloween!

    Download Creambee_-_HalloweEnGIRL_v1.swf

    Happy Halloween! I hope your October is going great!
    Thank you so much for being a part of this higher tier and helping the team and I so much!

    I've been working on this animation for a while, there are a lot of 'bits and doodads' in the build that I hope you like. I'm very happy with it but also a little over worked, so I fear my tired eyes might be missing a bug. I have a gut feeling I should release this for a quick test to see if anyone notices any bugs before publicly releasing v1.
    I do hope you enjoy our hard work, please do not feel like you have to go to any trouble of 'testing' I'm pretty sure I have fixed all bugs I have found but if you do come across something odd, maybe with costumes or body parts blinking, etc. feel free to post in the comments. 



    play on 

    The .swf file can be downloaded from our Discord Channel "Honey Flow"
    I've also left it there for download. It's just a couple days, I hope everyone here has a discord account that they've linked to their patreon account. I'm encouraging you to do this also, because the Honey Flow is a more efficient way for me to update you more regularly with work progress. 


    If you would like follow us on Twitter

    I have to keep this post brief, I'll be sharing credits and more details in the public release post.

    Note: POINT OF VIEW angle has all animations and bonus angle SIDE VIEW does not have the 'start', 'finisher', 'breather' and 'restart animation'.
    When we open up the Addition Suggestions post we can discuss, if you want to add all sections to the SIDE VIEW or spend the time on adding a new sex scene like pull her in and toss her on a couch for some doggy style, or even pull focus back to Bangin' Talent Show, etc.

    I'll see you guys in the comments! Thank you so much again, it has been a real pleasure working on this animation.

    HI! Thank you so much for sticking by! I've been trying my best to get HalloweEnGIRL version 1 ready. It's just a matter of days now. I'm waiting on Kato and Coffeebee to finish the sex scene sounds so I can put them in.

    I really wanted to have the game finished sooner but the computer we have for audio had
    blue screen problems, during covid lock downs getting new parts or taking it to a computer store is more than a hassle, so the audio work got pushed back about a week :(
    I'm really sorry.

    Silver lining though, I took the time available to animate the mouths, so now we have lip sync :D The first lip sync animation on Creambee.

    NOTE: this video does not contain the sex scenes, they will come out with the .swf as soon as the audio is ready.

    Eddit: I've used this clip to scrub slowly through the lipsync and audio so I can tweek it better. This is my first lip sync so I haven't got it down quite right just yet, but I can see where it's off thanks to this 'scrubbing trick'.

    HalloweEnGIRL pre sex sample

    Thank you so much for the support! I do hope you are having an excellent October, I'll be seeing you in the comments or when I post the finished version 1 very soon.

    YOUTUBE took down the first link, sorry I left it unlisted but somehow it got taken down anyway, the two unlisted shantae twerk videos are still up though, go figure...
    this new link will take you to pornhub, I hope that's ok with all of you.

    Hi! Thank you so much for supporting me and our work for another month!
    I usually put up animations and images for an update but since the Halloween flash will be released this month I'll just be letting you know I'm putting all my effort and time into finishing it as soon as I can.

    It usually takes me a day or often two days to make animated GIFs for animated update posts. The reason is the software doesn't export decent quality GIFs so I export each frame separately and then in Photoshop I manually put the frames together.

    The first sex scene will be revealed on the release and then I'll hold a suggestion and voting poll for the next sex scene to add in.

    I hope you're all having a fun Spooktober! Thank you so much for your support and I'm really looking forward to releasing this month :D



    Hi everyone! I hope your September is going great, Halloween is at the end of the following month so for now the team is focusing on finishing the Halloween special. Right now it’s Aika and I on board, we also have 2 part timers, newguy1 and newguy2, they haven’t decided on any nicknames to go with and we have only started working together, so we’ll see how things go if they want to stay on fully and take on a character.

    I’ll be calling the Halloween Special “halloweEn GIRL”, I really am trying not to give anything away because I want a lot of it’s content to be a surprise. It’s planned to be released as soon as possible, I'm aiming for mid October or sooner. Newguy2 and I are working on the 1st sex scene, after the first release I’ll put up suggestions and votes for an additional sex scene.

    I’ve seen a lot of requests about different boob sizes, so yup, I’ll be putting that in.  

    Also congratulations to the witch costume for winning, I’ve set up the design and script for the costume, Aika will be adding the costume to all the remaining animations now.

    Newguy1 started as the main animator (his own art style) on the project while I was working on Kaijuicy with Aika. I’m happy with how much effort he put in but I felt I needed to edit a few things in the loops: Nipples, Pussy, some stomach shading and some body shape edits.  

    as you can see here I had to send back some of his work and later edit some more
    left (newguy1 sketch and first animation) right (my edits)

    I’ve been very happy with newguy2’s designs and animations, he came in later and did these 2 loops. I’m very pleased with the shading and design. I haven't had to edit these at all.

    Costume: All items of clothing can be turned on or off individually.
    hat, eye makeup, hair colour, hair accessories, cheeck hearts, necklaces, gloves, dress top, corset, dress skirt, thong, stockings, shoes.  

    Boob sizes: for the first animation, I’ve drawn and scripted additional smaller and larger sizes and animated them separately to match the body movement. Newguy1 will be adding the additional boob sizes and animations for the remaining loops.  

    Hair colours available: pink, silver, black, blonde, brown

    Futa Option

    I’ve been adding the animations and script, almost finished :)

    also clothed futa option will be pressed against clothes when clothes are on.

    Additions to Creambee Patreon

    I try to report on my progress and update as much as I can by posting on Patreon but I feel its just not frequent enough, I wouldn’t want any of you to feel that you’re supporting me and I’m just disappearing for a couple of weeks at a time. I've decided, I will be adding a 3$ tier for casual visual updates on Discord.
    I want everyone who supports me, regardless of tier, to have access to all completed works. But for those who want to give a bit more and casually see the progress of the games, I've created this tier and Discord Channel. 

    At the beginning of October I’ll be adding the new tier, Creambee Slurp 3$, it will have access to all completed games on the Honey Jar and access to the Honey Flow Discord Channel. Honey Flow is where I upload images of the work flow, every few days, mostly screen shots with short captions explaining the progress. I’ll continue to post the progress reports on patreon but Honey Flow is a more casual and frequent way to see the work grow. 

    On a side note: Coffeebee and I would love for you to follow our twitter.  

    Flash will no longer be playable on web browsers (firefox, chrome, etc.) this Dec 20. we will continue to provide links to free Flash Players for you to download the .swf files and play the games on your computers.
    Since you're reading this, you have already supported us and that is amazing already! However a good way to tell the world of what we do is through Twitter. Only if you want to :D you could follow us and it would be incredible of you.

    Thank you so much everyone, I’ll be sure to check the comments when I can and if you have any questions I’ll do my best to reply to PM’s. I’m back to animating now, I think it’s time for me to add in the backgrounds for the scene, I’m looking forward to that Halloween vibe with the pumpkins and candy. Thank you so so much for your support and interest in our work. The team and I are very lucky to have you.



    HI everyone! Thank you so much for your support and interest in our work here!
    We are doing well with Kaijuicy, I'll be showing updates as soon as I can, Aika is taking the lead on that currently and I'm always involved in everything.

    If you don't already know, every Halloween I like to do something for the occasion. It'll be here at the end of next month but it's a good to get things going now so I can still make time for Kaijuicy. I really believe Halloween is a great time for everyone so I'd like everyone to get a vote here.

    This Halloween I thought I might play on the "E-Girl" concept, just a little, the New Guy and I are currently working together. I don't want to give too much away for now but I aim to make it a fun and bouncy short with the possibility to add more scenes upon demand.

    In regards to the Halloween Costumes, thank you so much for your suggestions and likes. I loved them all. Here are the most liked and mentioned ones...

    Witch Costume

    Cat Keyhole Lingerie / Cat Girl

    (art by Tenzeru) 

    Harpy Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh)

    (art by Maruchi)

    Succubus (open bustier)

    (artist Left: SlugBox Right: Kojima Ayami)

    On a side note, different boob size options has been requested often enough in the past, I do like the idea, it's just tricky with more animation involved. However I'll do my best to put in a small, medium, large option. Also, there have been a few people asking about impregnation animation and belly full of cum concepts. I'm totally down if enough people are, It's a little early for those ideas right now, but I'm open for discussion later down the line with this project or if enough people want me to revisit Shantae.

    Thank you again so much for your involvement! I hope this month is going well for you. Do stay safe, I wish you all the very best. I'm off to animate but I'll be sure to read the comments when I can.



    Hello! It’s wonderful to have you here, thank you so much for your curiosity and support.
    If you haven’t already I would suggest you check out this post first

    where I talk about ExDee taking time off, me finding a new guy to help with the work output and also the Halloween short.


    Animations are going really well for Kaijiucy and here are the latest ones completed and being worked on:

    Aika has finally got the animation down for the main “fight” scene in the game. Remember that the movement is timed to the music in the animation so I asked Aika to make it more “bouncy” in a sexy fun way.
    Since then Aika has completed all 7 animations but I won’t be showing them all yet, because I want to tweak the way she drew Bchan and Kaiju’s nipples, I’m working on that now and I’ll upload all 7 animations nude and clothed (and futa option) next. For now here is the neutral animation clothed

    (Left: new animation / Right: old animation)

    I've manged to complete the BChan grope scene:
    That's 4 levels of grope, Fem Futa and Dildo option, all clothes removable individually, all scripted and two facial expressions on each face per level. Please note that in these animations to save on size and time I can't show the second facial expressions here.

    Also do keep in mind that the style of animation is to music, so that's why the movement involves some hip swaying and jirating etc.


    side note in this animation below I've noticed I could make the boobs a little more bouncy, so I'll be sure to do that ;D

    Fully Nude

    Futa option, and you can see here that different items of clothing can be kepts on and taken off

    Also there is the options for Dildo as well, Naturally if you aren't into Futa and you want to see these babes have sex with each other, they have these to work with. Let me know in the comments if you want them to have anything else to the Dildo's? maybe Kaiju's can have bumps? different colour maybe?
    (right click on image and open in new tab to see it bigger)

    Before ExDee left he was able to put in decent but unfinished animation, Aika has now taken over the Kaiju grope scene. She’ll be prettying up Babezilla’s face, B-Chan’s Hair, adding the clothing option, making the animations more bouncy, giving facial reactions and then I’ll come in and add dildo and futa animation options.

    For the futa option, I’ve been adding in the “parts necessary” haha, for the main chest press scene. Also it’s important to have the dildo option as well, I’ll be animating this and then moving on to the first BJ or TitJob scene next. :D As you can see in these examples I have to tweak a few things, specifically the balls, but I'm on it, no worries. I'll be showing the animations, nude, clothed, futa, dildo, as soon as I've finished them.

    Thank you, Thank you so much, for all your help and support. I can't stress enough, this work wouldn't be here if not for you. We're so lucky to animate and produce this, I hope you continue to enjoy our content and of course, thank you for being patient. I know this is a larger scale piece of work compared to my past animations, but I truly feel it's worth a shot making at least one animation with lots of different scenes and animations in it. You are the best and I can't wait to show you more.
    All the best,

    Hi! Thank you so much for stopping in to check up on our progress. I’m really grateful to have you with us and I’m always happy to keep you up to date with our work.

    Kaijuicy is doing well, in summary we have made lots more animation loops for the game. Here is a summary of stills. If you want to know more, I go further into detail in the new "Work In Progress" post with larger images and animations.

    Over all I have completed 6 animation loops and scripting for the grope scene where B-Chan is dominating. Bchan and Babezilla cycle through a total of 16 expressions and I’ve also added in the script for all clothing,  Futa and Dildo options for this scene. Aika has finished her work on her 7 animation loops with a total of 28 expressions, and all clothing scripted.
    In the chest bump animations that Aika just finished I’m currently adding the Futa, Dildo options. I'll be working on tweaking some better looking nipples, I also want to add more ‘squeeze’ animation to their boobs when they press against each other. Then I'll move on to the Paizuri or BJ scene.

    I need to talk about ExDee. as you can see ExDee’s animation where Babezilla is groping Bchan’s but is unfinished. Aika is now taking over for ExDee’s work on that animation.

    I don’t know how else to put this, ExDee has kinda left us for now.  We've talked and he's mentioned personal issues, a little depression or anxiety. We aren’t that close so I don’t want to pry into his personal life too much. But I’ve been checking on him and I promise you, he’s going to be ok. He isn’t suffering from life threatening depression, from what I've gathered I’m sure he’s at a stage in life where he’s questioning what he truly want’s to prioritize and work for, also, covid lock down's in his area aren’t helping. I don’t think he’ll be working on this stuff in the foreseeable future but I’ve made it clear to him that we’re always here if he want’s to make any shorts or what not :)

    In a way I saw there was a huge chance that ExDee would eventually leave so in order to keep the output of work up, a few weeks ago I started talking to another artist I found who was interested in this work, I thought it would be a good idea for him to get started by working on the Halloween short.

    Because he’s new and has a bit to learn about script and how we work together, he can’t work on Kaijuicy with us now, also, I’ll be referring to him as NewGuy for now until he decides on a moniker :D

    Halloween Short :D

    Since Aika and I are now extra busy on Kaijuicy, I’ve left NewGuy to animate the Halloween Short, but we need suggestions from you guys :D What Halloween costume/outfit do you want our girl to be wearing (undress option will be available). Suggest anything you want in the comments and I’ll be picking the most suggested – liked – interesting ideas for a voting poll.

    I don’t want to reveal to much about the Halloween short right now, I want it to be a surprise when It’s released. I promise it’s part of the fun, but for now here are some test animations / samples.

    Please note, I will be tweaking these drawings/animations before final submission

    for those interested, yes Futa option will be available in the finished piece.

    Again, if you do want to share, I’d love to hear your ideas for Halloween costumes in the comments.

    Thank you so much for your help and support. I know it’s tough for everyone during these times, it feels like this virus is just messing with everyone and hanging around far to long. I hope you all are staying strong and finding ways to cope. You have all been so supportive of Kaijuicy and I know it’s a big project and so I want to release this Halloween short for everyone, and sooner. I intend it to be funny and sexy, and I hope it helps brings some joy out there.  

    Looking forward to your ideas for costumes in the comments


    HI! I’m so happy that you decided to pop by and have a look at our work in progress. Thank you so much for the support at this high tier level.

    All in all things are going well. Aika and I have been completing a lot of animations. Exdee, I’m still waiting on him to submit, I’m sure he’s been doing his work but he hasn’t been able to share yet.  I think he’s been hit with some rain storms of late and his town was locked down due to a couple positive covid cases. I’ll either update this post or add his work to the next one.  

    I’m very happy with the animations Aika has finished but I now want her to tweak a few things, I’d like her to adjust the animation a bit to make things more bouncy and fluid, that way it plays with music better. Also Zilla’s arm and wrists in some scenes are a little to thick and don’t match her physic. Currently Aika is working on adding another facial expression to each scene.

    I personally will now take on the B-Chan’s grope scene where she has Babezilla from behind, this scene will have 4 sections, boobie grabbing and genitalia grabbing for both fem and futa option.

    Here are the animations so far.  

    Please note that I will add the futa and fem animation options after Aika has finished her updated animation

    Neutral Starting Scene

    If Crowd cheers for B-Chan

    B-Chan level 2

    B-Chan level 3

    Babezilla expression before grope scene

    If Crowd cheers for Babezilla

    Babezilla level 2

    Babezilla level 3

    B-Chan expression before grope scene

    Here are a couple backgrounds as well
    I know the perspective is a little off for this 1st one, but I feel it works with the two Giant ladies in the middle

    This one is the looking up angle for Kaiju groping B-chan

    Also as a side note I've fixed up their power bar and heart meters and gave the power ups a little lightning animation.

    Alrighty I’ve got lot’s to do, so I'm off to animate some more :D

    Thanks again for the support, it’s really amazing to have you on board. None of this work would exist without the help that you give us. I hope you’re happy with this larger project we are undergoing and I can’t wait to show you more.  

    Catch you soon,


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