"Krimbas Kira (And Update)" by YetiG from Patreon | Kemono


First I want to say thank you for everyone who stuck around even though I wen't dark for a month, it means the world.
I had shitty thing after shitty thing happening to me for a long time and I was having issues trying to keep everyone in the know, due to all the stress I had going. Maybe this is TMI but here's a fun little list of everything that I had going on in the last month

My dad's cancer surgery
My grandmas c2 vertebrae fractured (important neck one) and then not being able to get an appointment for a while
My mom falling and smashing her nose
My sister fucking up her ankle
My other grandma having 2 seizures at Thanksgiving
My mom's best friend (who is also who she cheated on my dad with inciting their divorce) passing away suddenly
Dealing with Strep Throat
My dog getting really sick mysteriously and not being able to take him to the vet for a while because of various circumstances
And then a bunch more that I'm forgetting at this point

Basically a bunch of fun things that all happened just far enough apart where I didn't have time to recover my stress levels.
By no means am I trying to use this as an excuse, I'm sorry for going dark for so long and I should have given people more updates, and I fully understand why so many people would stop supporting me over this time.
I'm going to do my best to keep thing's flowing more frequently as time goes on.
Now I just need to make it through the holidays and then thing's will hopefully run a bit smoother around here.

Thank you again for your continued support
And for taking the time to read through all of this bullshit haha

I'm working on a fun little animation of Kira that I'm hoping to get done before Chrimbas, but We'll see how things end up.