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Happy Halloween! Here's this month Devlog! 

Added different kind of buttons for the bonus rooms. (They also work for the other game areas.)
Pressure: Only stays active if there's an entity on top.
Timer: Once activated, stays active for a certain amount of time.
Switch: Can be activated only once, usually for story switches.

Puzzle showcase.
This puzzle consists in a sucession of platforms being activated one after another until you reach the end, activate another button that opens a "door"

Boomerang rework.
Even if it's not in the playable part to unlock this usable, I remoleded the aspect of the boomerang. It can be quite powerful if you can get the right distance, also, this weapon is meant to stun enemies on hit, to be added.

Chocolo's Tent.
We all know Zoria sleeps in the cave, but Chocolo was out these in the campfire on hiw own. So I gave him a tent to sleep in. Just small details to make the world feel more alive. I guess.

Grass background wall.
Decided to make a grass wall for the high vegetation areas. But I didn't like the texture so after a while I made another version.

I feel like this one looks better :D

Hilda Rework.
While adding legs to Hilda's portrait I reworked her a bit to make her look more Tomboy-ish

She kinda sweaty from wearing that armor all day c:

Minigame Prototype - MiniMons.
I wanted to make a minigame for a long time, I though of a card game, but I decided to prototype with an automatic fight minigame.

After a few days of coding basic AI I had a solid base for the MiniMons to fight each other. Each MiniMon has it's own strong and weak points. Here's a video showcasing a fight. Aside from being a minigame, it helped me a lot to experiment with AI.

Shadow & Slopes.
I made shadow rotate with the slopes. Just a minor change.

Top down prototype.
Just an idea to have The game change to a top down perspective when in the Town. Removing the platforming aspect of the game, but letting you explore the town more freely. Not really sure about this approach for the game though. Since removing the platforming removed the chance to add some secrets and such on the town.

Water Texture.
I decided to give water an actual texture, what do you think?

Pickup Object mechanic.
I had this mechanic paused some time ago, but I'm working on it again, you can now throw objects around, if you hold the attack button you can throw it further.

Zoria's face rework.
I decided to touch a bit Zoria's face, I played a bit with noses, A is the classic one, but 1 pixel down and wider. I think it looks better in general.

Zoria back view.
Meant to make a back view of Zoria long ago, for certain cutscenes where you meet someone. Here's an example.

Source: Zelda Oracle of ages.

Clothes on!

This is all for now! Here's a couple arts I made for Halloween!

L♥ve - AllFenom ♥



I like the grass changes. I think the idea of the top down town would make things a lot easier for navigation, but isn't necessary. My problems with side scroller towns is when its a pain to run around to the buildings when everything is so far apart. One small note for the buttons, I feel like adding a small rim to the bottom of them would give them a bit of a "pop". But I'm not sure how that would look with different backgrounds but it's food for thought.


I like the top down too for navigation, it makes exploring the town way easier :D