"HYDRA 1.1F PRO - MASSIVE UPDATE READY!" by 1usmus from Patreon | Kemono



I won't keep you in suspense, so let's take a tour of what we can see in HYDRA 1.1F PRO :)


1) New monitoring and the redesign of the HYBRID OC tab

*  The information about the switched off cores and CCDs has become more clear.
* Color indication of cores that are active (orange) and those that are sleeping (green).
* Added information about PBO2 limits (THM, TDC, EDC and PPT).
* Added information about the memory controller (FCLK effective frequency , MEMCLK effective frequency and UCLK effective frequency).
*  Added information about DRAM bandwidth (UMC RD and UMC WR).
*  Added information about current AMD Curve Optimizer values.
* EDC throttler - information about the current level of CPU load.
* Added information about HOT SPOT and L3 CACHE temperatures.
* The best cores (by CPPC) are marked with an asterisk.

* Added possibility to customize sensors (value processing and visibility). 
* Information from 23 sensors is available for each core.
* Monitoring has been optimized, reducing the use of CPU time.
* Reserved space for GPU monitoring.
* The CO tables for HYBRID OC are now combined with the PROFILES tab for greater ease of use.
* The color indication of voltages for the profiles will help you determine which voltage is energy efficient and which is not.
* CO tables can be hidden for visual comfort.

* HYBRID OC got a frequency limiter for each of the cores. These values are filled in automatically during diagnostics, but can be changed by the user. Thanks to this innovation the stability of HYBRID OC has been improved.

2) Redesigned AMD PBO2 tab and improved CO search

* Added ability to enable/disable AMD PBO2 (it was impossible to choose what to do in the previous version).
* Added the ability to zero the CO values for each CCD individually.
* AMD PBO2 now becomes part of the HYBRID OC profiles (I will talk about the future merge in May) therefore backup creation or download functions are now supported.
* Dynamic PBO2 - this feature is in development.

* The search for CO values has been significantly refined with the new approach (pdf - guide is attached to the post). Of course, calibrations are planned.
* Improved diagnostics customization: selection of voltages for testing as well as FFT MAX (previously FFT MAX = FFT MIN).
* Added 3 presets with diagnostic settings (LIGHT, NORMAL and HEAVY) for users who want ease of use.
* By default, the user gets the most optimal settings for testing. 1-click concept.

3) Safety of the diagnostic process and other improvements

* If you were using AMD PBO2 but it crashed HYDRA ASSISTANT will help you to solve the problem the next time you start the application.
* A new PHOENIX (restore the diagnostic process after a failure) was created to secure diagnostic data.  Only available for AMD PBO2 diagnostics. Temporarily.
* For all types of diagnostics, the "stay awake" function is enabled by default to avoid the screen turning off or the system falling asleep.
* Fixed and finalized PBO control for Cezanne processors.
* The screen zoom factor is used to correctly load the location of the application.
* Added a large number of tooltips. 

4) COMPARE  tab

* Now the user has the ability to compare not only the default system state with HYBRID OC, but also the default state with AMD PBO2.
* For more information the graphs have a caption which comparison mode was used.
* Also added is a graph with temperature comparison.




I am insanely grateful for everyone's support. These letters mean a lot to me. Now, with your permission, I want to spend a week resting so that I can start preparing the May update with renewed vigor. Believe me, I have something to surprise both you and AMD :)