"HYDRA 1.0D PRO - RELEASED!" by 1usmus from Patreon | Kemono



Meet the long-awaited update!

Information about build

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Do not try to use old application settings.
The only data that are compatible are the CO.

P.s. The documentation (instruction) has been changed and reworked again.



* The problem of low-threaded performance for 5600/5800 has been solved.
* The problem when the user saw the message about the unique processor during diagnostics was solved (added additional check for disabled CCD's).
* Added a function to restart Prime95 during diagnostics (prevent stopping diagnostics and crashing the application).
* Improved power saving during idle, the idle voltage is reduced to 900mV.
* Adjustments to the profile hold function and frequency increase condition (improved overall stability).
* HEAVY mode received some adjustments to improve stability (5950X/5900X).
* Fixed descriptions and added new.  
* In some situation " circle with percentages" if it reaches 100% will not cause profile creation to crash.  
* Fixed a bug where the CORE CO test would not work correctly if the user selects the cores he wants to test.
* Corrected once again processor evaluation categories (gold silver etc.)
* Information that the processor is unsupported for old CPUs.
* Correction of abnormal frequency drop during CCD CO testing.
* Improved protection of the processor from overheating and other negative factors.
* Fixed infinite wait for profile creation start 7T-12T , 9T-16T.
* Added possibility to set voltages on which to test CORE CO and CCD CO.
* CORE CO testing calibrated, temperature during the test reduced.
* Fixed bug when user could not set protection system to low PPT/EDC/TDC.
* FREQUENCY LOCK mode built in and redesigned (the struggle for additional stability, some of the features are borrowed from CTR RC5 ver.24, some of you remember this build).  
* SAFE CO range is abolished. Core diagnostics will not end if an abnormal CO value is detected.
* Correcting the recommended values for the voltage search function (5600X/5800X/5600G/5800G).
* Added FFT for CORE CO test and FFT for CCD CO test (SETTINGS tab).
* Added Timeout of throttling (SETTINGS tab).
* Added new CO controls (AVX1 threshold for ST, AVX1 threshold for MT, AVX2 threshold for ST, AVX2 threshold for MT).  
* Added some descriptions for the tooltips.
* The threshold for disabling the game profile is controlled by the value "AVX2 threshold for MT" (SETTINGS tab).
* Added information to the log about VID and FFT values for CCD CO and CORE CO tests.
* Game mode activation bug (sticking) fixed.
* APP priority list bug fixed.
* Overwriting the information in physical memory if the data is corrupted (the user saw huge values in monitoring or a malfunction occurred ).
* Improved system stability when the game load disappears.
* GAME CO offset has a smaller granularity for greater convenience.
* The probability of false triggering of the FMA3 profile has been reduced.
* The monitoring data acquisition is free of additional delays, the avg response speed is now the same as the OC response speed.
* Other minor fixes.


Special thanks to  @profitkaa, @Riwwelorsch, @Ann Martiné, @ACE, @arcanazen, @DayDreamer, @Gadfly, @rizlah , @&&Devin, @Bloax , @RdWing and @wanderinarcheologist  for help with development and testing.