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Hey gang,

Sorry this demo is coming so late to y'all, but the Palace of the Goddess demo is now available to $5 supporters. It's still a bit janky, but I didn't want to delay it any longer and I need to get some sleep before I waste any time making coding errors. Anyway, here's the Palu demo. I added quite  a few things as I was developing to try and add some spice to things, but I still haven't implemented sound/ music or the configuration menu. 

But I'll go over the new things briefly:

- I made a new speed that replaced the fast speed, since the old one didn't seem that fast. So the old fast speed is now the medium speed.

-The Heart system is in place. So you'll spawn hearts on each thrust and they'll spawn in a random location within a certain space.

-Orgasm system is in. Basically there's a lust bar on the right and when it's full Palu will orgasm and produce a bunch of hearts. 

- Dynamic sparks on transitions. Sparks will spawn differently on all the transitions to make them feel more dynamic. 

-Started Goddess Offering portion. This isn't finished yet, but I did do some extra UI work for it and set up the scene for future use.

- Main menu is in, the camera will move to a different door depending on which button you hover over. 

That's pretty much it for now, the game is in a good spot for growth now, so I'll try to update it each week. Let me know if you run into any problems and I'll get them ironed out.

I'll also be making a weekly update either later today or tomorrow. 

Thanks for your support and patience.  See you all soon.