"OCTOBER 2021 POLL" by NeoCoill from Patreon | Kemono


Once again I had to trim a few suggestions this month. As more patrons join it chances are this will eventually become the norm, but don't hesitate to continue trying.

the Poll

  • A full pic of the winner will be drawn the following month, the rest may be drawn if I think it'd be a good idea.
  • Weighted Vote Poll - Your vote's weight is equal to your total patronage during the month (up to 100 points).
  • Poll closes sometime after the end of the month.
  • You can vote for multiple characters. All your votes have the full weight of your patronage during the month (up to 100 points).
  • You can change your votes at any point until the poll is closed.

Wanna suggest a character for next poll?

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Character suggested by Dken. Results in the attachment below.

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