"report and long text" by 1041uuu from Patreon | Kemono


My mental health is as unstable as ever.  However, I have learned how to anticipate and counteract falling, and how to change my mood. I have learned to set up buffers in my life and to build instability into stability.

Over the past few years, I have learned about my own characteristics by living with friends. I learned to choose and buy appropriate medications.

I learned about my dissatisfactions and how to compensate for them through entertainment and experiences. I returned to my parents' home and learned that my mother loved me.

I think I may have gradually come to understand what the world calls "life". It seemed to be a lot more deliberate and deliberate than I had thought.

The reason I am doing so well is because of all the people who have given me support without any reward. Thank you very much. You are the reason I'm still alive. 

But let me rely on you a little more. This year, I decided to take or create a job to make money. Right now, I'm making and selling calendars (as an exercise). I also plan to make postcards and large art boards.

I really want to be the first to deliver them to you. I am looking into ways to sell them outside the country. However, this is somewhat advanced for me right now. Please be patient and wait a little longer.


As a Japanese, I have a few things to say.

The current Japanese government is corrupt. However, there is no evil boss. It is one big creature, the government, run amok by pure dynamics. I think of Theo Jansen's Strandbeast. (Sorry, Theo.) A friend of mine referred to it as "Sin" from FFX. (Sorry, Ebon.)

Because the government is corrupt, education is also corrupt. Because the government is corrupt, education is also corrupt. For example, if a fourth grader uses kanji that a fifth grader learns, points will be deducted from the test. This is because it is not the correct answer. People who have received this kind of education for 12 years make up Japanese society and culture.

My social anxiety, the clean and violence-free streets, the  higher number of suicides than in other countries, the beautiful anime,  porn culture, convenience stores, and the forced Olympics all have the same underlying roots.

But I was optimistic. I thought that one day there would be a major international problem and things would improve from there. But the Olympics are going ahead, and the IOC is not going to stop them.

On the contrary, exploitation and wars are still going on all over the world, and even the UN can't do anything about it, even though it is a known fact.

I don't think any country is at fault, or anyone is at fault.

The real enemy is the biological system of destruction and regeneration itself.

And I think it can be our friend.

I always draw flowers and animals with this thought in mind.

There is no meaning. Thank you for reading this.

(Translated by DeepL.)