"random note" by 1041uuu from Patreon | Kemono


I'm not satisfied with the animation of the leaves, so I'm redrawing them.

compare and see. https://twitter.com/nekonomeido/status/1328103299040518145


I've never been confident in my work.

I am always showing you work that I am not confident in.

So this patreon is both a lifeline and a source of anxiety for me.

To begin with, I probably don't like paintings. I'm not particularly fond of illustration, anime, games, or even pixel art.

I've studied the history of painting, I've played a lot of games. I've also watched a lot of anime. I've drawn enough pixel art to get a job. I like them a little. I like them a little, but not to my heart's content.

I like landscapes, sunshine, wind, light, colors, and smells.

I just want to trap them in a GIF. That's why I make "something, a moving image".

The pixel GIFs I've made so far are different from "animations" and "paintings". I've been calling them "paintings" for convenience, but strictly speaking, they should be called "fake game screens". The pixels kept the "something" I was creating in its existing context.

But I got tired of the low resolution. And I moved away from pixels. Because of that, my work lost its "fake game screen" form and became "something".

I'm struggling to figure out where this "something" will land.

It took me two years to realize this.

This is the first step in solving the problem.

Please wait a little longer until I am more confident.

This is my apology. Thank you.