0.0.0 - Tech Demo

Download Guide_to_LoK-R_Tech_Demo.rtf
Download Guide_to_LoK-R_Tech_Demo.rtf

The Launcher is recommended for launching LoK:Rebirth.

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Guide to the Tech Demo (Spoilers attached)

Hello everyone! We’re excited to announce after nearly one year in development, the LoK:Rebirth Tech Demo for the remake. As many of you understand the game has been in the process of being remade over the course of the last year.

(Gizmo) I was recruited onto the project nearly exactly one year ago while I was interning at Electronic Arts as a software engineer. Since then I’ve progressed to being a senior in college and onto other jobs that I’ve since then quit to focus on just this game and build up an audience for our game and to work as the Development Lead for the team. I took over about 2 months ago and since then I have learned a lot about our workflow that we have been improving and getting onto writing. We are doing consistent weekly meetings to ensure we are on the same page and progressing. I know a year is a long time to have waited but as things move forward, we hope to win you over with a unique experience in a much quicker cycle.

The Future

Moving forward we are aiming on releasing 2 major patches to the Tech Demo that will include two animations along with updates to the current animations, dialogue animations, and bug fixes as we encounter them.

During this time most of the team will also be shifting to Milestone 2 and getting content started for the next Milestone. Personally I’ve found some things that can be improved with a couple systems but I don’t expect those changes to take long.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in plan for Milestone 2 (Version 1.0.0). We will release updates when possible, we won’t wait for everything to be in before releasing but this will be exclusively our aim.

- Launcher -- In-Progress

- Talents/Magic

- Character Customization

- Hunger System

- Combat

- Lust Mechanics

- Federation Ship -- In-Progress

- Razorclaw Village

- Minigames

- Extra (Dev Inspiration and other little things we come up with)

This will be the start of the game from the Federation Ship to the Razorclaw Village. By the end of this it’ll be the start of a real game.

Again, this is a tech demo there are likely still some issues. If you encounter anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you sort anything out.

Feel free to ask me any questions on Discord as it’s my primary way of communicating with everyone,



Controller is minimally supported, we will be looking into controller support again in the near future.


- W - Left Stick Up

- A - Left Stick Left

- S - Left Stick Down

- D - Left Stick Right

- Left click

Dialogue Camera Movement

- Right Mouse and Drag - Right Analog Stick

- Mouse Scroll wheel - Left/Right triggers


- E - Y on Xbox Controller


- Ctrl - B on Xbox Controller


- Shift - Left Stick Down


- Left Click - Right Trigger


- Space - A on controller

Companion Selection

- Right Click - Left Trigger

Item Bar Preset

- T - Up Arrow on controller

Item Bar Select

- 1,2,3,4,5 - Left/Right/A on Controller

Interact with UI and level objects

- Left Click - A on controller

Menu (Default to Inventory)

- Tab - X on controller

Main Menu

- Esc - Menu on controller


+ Items (0-24)
+ Characters (0-3)
+ Sex scenes 1 and 4
+ Main Menu
+ Attributes
+ Levels 0-1
+ Debugging System
+ Leveling and XP system
+ Equipping and Unequipping
+ In-Game UI and Functionality
+ Tons of icons and UI art
+ Quest System
+ Interaction System
+ Regions System
+ Data Management System
+ Companion System
+ Dialogue System
+ Questing and events System
+ Logic Action System
+ A whole bunch of other things