Launcher Patreon Preview Release

Download Launcher (Windows) - Here

Preview Video of Launcher - Here

Linux and Mac will be coming soon

We are releasing the official Tribe Launcher to our patrons loaded with version 0.8, the original game built by Abelius, Kuja, and Vlad. This isn’t designed as a gimmick to re-release the same game, we’re more original than Bethesda. Instead we’d like to test the launcher with the already made game and see how it performs on scale, and covering any final tweaks we can make.

As many of you know, a launcher has been in the plans for quite a while. These past few weeks I’ve been working with Kuja and the rest of the team to build the launcher. Kuja has been amazing at designing UI so far and always comes out with amazing templates I then put in-game. Together we’ve been coming up with the details we’d like to see in the launcher and the solutions we’d like to solve with this launcher. The number one thing we’d like to solve with this is the question: “Where’s the latest build”. Ironic, huh?... But seriously, people’s biggest concern is being out of date and missing a build. Well, no further, here every build ever will be available from a click of a button and patrons will be able to access exclusive builds from the launcher.

This Launcher was built with the end user experience in mind and hopefully we have nailed it. A major thing going into this was making it free. What I mean by that is having the freedom to access your builds without the extra nonsense, I am referring to locked access, restrictions, internet issues, etc. I made certain that the core purpose of the launcher was always available, the ability to play, regardless of your current Patreon status, internet connection, etc. If it downloaded, you can use the tool to open it. You can immediately change and view where your builds are downloaded as well and do what you please with the files. Some features may go missing during network/server outages including the ability to download the game. In the case that happens a link will be posted as soon as possible with the latest build until things are back, which fingers crossed won’t happen… ever…

To explain the future of the launcher and my intentions with it, it is missing a vital feature which is the ability to update itself (for now). My intention is that this launcher will last without needs for updates until I am able to update the launcher automatically. So, the goal here is to use one version for months until a core change is needed.

The launcher is super customizable over the network with most of the content being pulled from our servers. The list of things that are live and able to be updated from our server include,

- News section

- Patreon tiers

- Social media links

- Prompts for launcher updates and redirects

- Game credits

- Game image galleries

- Game builds

That is right, live credits reporting. Now we’ll be able to have the credits be live in-game for all our Blood Bound patrons who are able to opt in-to being in the credits.

I’ve built my own backend as well to process the authentication for Patreon and also for redirecting download requests that confirms users are able to download the build. It was quite the headache to do, if anyone’s interested, I’d be happy to explain it.

Feel free to ask me any questions on Discord as its my primary way of communicating with everyone,