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vamX 1.13 New Features

If you use Virt-a-Mate in VR, Go to Scene -> Help and go through the VR tutorial (number 2 / 3)!

The beginning of the VR tutorial is recommended for everyone, even advanced Virt-a-Mate / vamX users!

If you have The Handy, Kiiro Keon, or a similar moving toy, or are considering purchasing one, go through the Sex Toy tutorial (number 3 / 3). The beginning of this tutorial also compares various toys.

vamX 1.13 Setup:

1) Download vamX.1.13.var - for Virt-a-Mate 1.20.77.x - Or, instead, you can download vamX.1.13.var from Mega 

2) Optionally (not required) download the AddonPackages. Users of vamX.1.12 don't need to download these again.

3) Put var packages in your Virt-a-Mate/AddonPackages folder. Don't rename or extract .var package files. If you have previous versions of vamX, you can delete them. Previous versions are only useful if you created and saved scenes with those versions of vamX.

4) Open Virt-a-Mate, click the Scene Browser, then find and open the vamX scene (thumbnail of a woman wearing a bra and panties, lying on a bed).

5) If it's your first time using vamX, press Help -> vamX MAIN TUTORIAL from the vamX UI -> Scene tab.

6) If you're having problems or want to learn advanced tricks, see vamX Help.

7) Should I download anything else? If you've downloaded the latest version of vamX, you have all vamX features. The only additional thing you can download are the separate vamX Environments. Environments can only be opened as separate Virt-a-Mate scenes and cannot be switched to in the main vamX scene tab.

If you don't yet have Virt-a-Mate (or don't know what Virt-a-Mate is), follow these instructions: https://www.patreon.com/posts/40736332

VAMX VOICE CONTROL 1) Set your Windows default microphone before opening Virt-a-Mate 2) Have the Virt-a-Mate window active (the last selected window) Learn more about voice commands

Addon Packages (optional) Full Addon Packages folder (2.6 GB) (You must still download vamX 1.13 in addition). Some vamX items and pages are marked in-game as AddOn, to use those items you need the Addon Packages. The Addon Packages haven't changed for vamX 1.13.

Voice Effects Pack (optional) In Sound you can add Vocal Effects. All Vocal Effects are modifications of the original female Belle voice. You can choose from a variety of normal sounding or strange (e.g. angel, robot, monster) voices. Download the vamX Voice Effects Pack.

For those already familiar with vamX functionality you can load vamX into any scene using the Merge Load scenes. Watch the Merge Load Tutorial Video on Mega or X VIDEOS (set the quality in x videos to 1080p).


If you place your head so you are looking through the male's (or female's) eyes, the head you are inside of disappears. This way the head doesn't stop your view or show you strange inner eyeball parts. You can now see clearly just by putting your head in the proper place, without even enabling possession. 

If you grab a hold of any one's hands, your VR Hands disappear. This allows you to get a feeling of simple possession without the complexity of actually possessing. You can grab the male hands and touch the female, or grab the female's hands and touch yourself.  Along with people's heads disappearing when you place your VR head / view inside them, you can get a lot of what you would normally get by possessing, in a much quicker way.  Also, when poses change, possession is lost, so this helps you change poses without much delay in repossessing.

Added new seated / chair pose where she is riding you reverse, but looking back so you can see her face. This is the first item on the second page of Pose -> Sex -> REVERSE RIDE (and also the second reverse riding pose in the Pose -> Chair / Seated category). The reverse riding one leg down pose that was in that position is still available at the end of both of those categories.

Improved The Handy sex toy integration with vamX. The Handy automatically responds to vamX Actions (male & female thrusts). Go to Plugins -> Control The Handy. The Handy now synchronizes also to the size and position of the female and male thrusts. You can then choose to fine tune the position if you want a lower, higher, wider or narrower synchronized stroke using the vamX buttons LOWER, HIGHER, SMALLER and BIGGER, as well as to stop The Handy movement or learn more about setting up the Handy to work with your computer. Synchronization between the toy and Virt-a-Mate has been improved, especially at slow movement speeds. Also various major synchronization issue have been fixed, such as sync having been completely reversed in many poses.

PossessSex now has a vamX menu which let's you quickly possess the male penis / hip, the female pelvis / hip, the female head or a toy.  When possessing an element which was being controlled by vamX, that element now frees itself for possession/linking.  This way if the female and male are both thrusting, but you possess the male penis to thrust, the female will keep moving, but the male is now controlled by your controller movements.  PossessSex is also designed to allow you to quickly use a real hand held toy / stroker, and have the vamX world respond correctly. For example, if you attach a VR controller to a toy, you can then use possess sex to attach your controller to the female hip, so that as you move your toy in real life, the woman thrusts exactly in sync in vamX.

Improved PossessSex plugin to have slightly less jerky movement of the female while still maintaing highly accurate sync.  She still has very large movements in response, just a little less jerky.

If you adjust her head, she will stop looking around or changing poses in any way. If you adjust her hands or feet she will also stop changing poses in any way (including hand movements). This will stop her from randomly changing poses within a set of similar poses, for example. If she is already performing a hand action, such as rubbing or hitting, this action will continue forever until you change poses or restart thrust. To restart automatic pose and hand changes, press Action -> Start Thrust or enable these manually in Action -> Auto -> 3rd Page.

Improved issues with shallow thrust. In Start Thrust (a.k.a Smart Thrust) it was setting the male thrust to shallow when arousal was less than 40%. I've changed it so that shallow thrust is only till 20% arousal. In addition shallow thrust was too shallow and has been made deeper.  Shallow thrust can now also be set (along with male slow thrust) on the new 4th page of the Action -> Manual pages. Finally, I've increased depth of thrust for all Actions for both female and male by about 20%, so thrusting looks more full. Hopefully this doesn't cause any exploding or alignment issues in any of the over 100 poses, let me know if you see issues in a specific pose. This should still be deeper in riding poses when only the woman is thrusting.

When pressing Start Thrust from zero arousal, we now more quickly switch to shallow thrust so there isn't such a long delay without anything happening near the beginning.

In Start Thrust the changes in speed are distributed in a more natural way. The thrust was very fast at about 25% arousal, and has been changed so that early periods have slower thrusting speeds (although by full arousal we reach the same maximum speed). It seems like a more even and/or realistic progression of speed now.

MUCH better pose alignment with people of different scales (sizes). When using females or males that are too large or small the pose system now automatically adjusts the pose to align. This fixes many issues with slightly smaller females not aligning, especially in seated poses, and also you to use the same poses with much larger or smaller people. Poses already worked fine, and aren't adjusted, when using slightly larger males. vamX can't animate pose changes to other similar poses for adjusted poses (only a small percentage of poses animate changes). Also vamX won't automatically change to other similar poses if the scales are non-standard, this way you don't see reloading and resizing in the middle of sex.  You can choose to press the Pose -> Fix Pose Scale button to change the size of your male and female to the default 1.0 size if you prefer to keep any possible animations between poses, or pose changes, active.

Added option to disable vamX skin shine (sweat) arousal changes in the first page of Plugins. This was causing some looks to become overly shiny. If you want to get skin shine back, press Clear All Plugins & Enable vamX Movement.

Improved shine algorithm to try to adapt to various looks. New algorithm tries to detect whether the look starts shiny, and adjust parameters accordingly to not end up with overly shiny looks (most of the time).

Added Give Me FPS menu. Now clicking Give Me FPS from the first page of the Plugins tab opens the Give Me FPS menu.  Here you can set the Standard and Give Me All the FPS options, and also choose between normal Virt-a-Mate quality levels (like Low, Mid, Ultra, etc.).

Added a standard pussy licking pose with the woman lying on her back. This pose is now the default saved pose for all 10 Custom Pose slots. In vamX 1.12 you could get this pose by downloading and copying over default files to your Virt-a-Mate folder. Now in 1.13 you don't need to copy files into your Custom or Saves folders, and if you delete all custom files from your Virt-a-Mate folders this standard default pose will still work when loading Custom Poses. You will lose access to this pose if you overwrite all 10 Custom Pose slots.


Fixed an issue with saving custom seated poses in any scene other than the default environment. You can now create custom seated poses in any Scene. Before saving custom seated poses in other scenes caused them to jump to a different location.

Fixed issue with saving custom bed poses, where the male head would look in a random direction after saving (actually trying to look at the labia). This may have also impacted some standing poses, and may even have impacted scenes where vamX was merge loaded into them (the code seems like it would have effected these things, but I've never seen errors with standing poses or merge loaded scenes).

Fixed issue where Stories and Help sometimes waited a long time for breathing or other background female sounds to finish before continuing. The story would appear to freeze for 10-20 seconds while waiting for a long background audio clip to finish playing.

The vamX Menu toolbar no longer casts shadows on people or other game objects.

Fixed issue where voice commands were on during the tutorial and could mess up help tutorials. Voice commands are now disabled during tutorials (along with the rest of the vamX Menu except what you are supposed to press).

Fixed issue where eyes double closed (closed while alread closed) leading to strange distortion of the eyelids. vamX now correctly sets autoblink based on active morphs.

Improved issue where the mouth stayed wide open while talking during sex. Part of this issue had to do with the thrusting itself knocking the jaw open.  This has been improved.

Improved issue where certain looks which already had facial expressions integrated into the look, look strange when vamX (and actually also Virt-a-Mate's facial expression generation) adds facial expressions.  Starting a list of morphs which should disable Virt-a-Mate expression and jaw control.

Improved issue with first large cum string disappearing when cumming the 2nd time in the Male Moan & Cum Twice sequence. There are now two total possible large cum strings that can be shown at the same time.

Fixed issue where after cumming the couple barely thrusted anymore until Start Thrust was pressed again, even if you switched to high arousal. Now after a few seconds we start sex again, so when arousal is high we have the same fast thrusting as usual, even after orgasm.

Added new Action -> Auto page. The 2nd page of Action Auto now has buttons that stop different changes, as this seems like a more likely use case. For example, if you have clicked Start Thrust and have all thrust parameters set to auto, but you don't want her to keep changing poses, go to Action -> Auto -> Page 2 (next page) -> Stop Changing Pose. There is a new 3rd Action page that allows you to stop all auto, and then add thrust parameters back in one at a time (like the old page 2 did). 

Fixed issue with VAMLaunch / VAMSync (The Handy and other toy integration) stopping working when switching female looks.

Fixed issue with VAMLaunch / VAMSync where toy would invert movement so that when switching between woman on top and woman on bottom poses, the toy would start going up when the woman was going down (inverted movement, no longer synchronized to vamX). This is now fixed and we automatically invert movement as needed to maintain sync.

Fixed issue with loading custom poses not stopping some dance animations.

Fixed issue where merge loaded scenes could only press the bottom part of the next and previous arrows in the vamX UI.

Fixed issue where sometimes both people masturbating together pose (3rd pose in lying) didn't load if the male was wearing certain clothes (if the clothes didn't contain tags around what they were, the masturbating failed to load while trying to remove pants to expose the penis).

Fixed issue where Help / Rotate world button could get lost as it was linked to the wrong parent atom.

Fixed an issue where after cumming, every time you changed poses the male came. Now the male only cums again when changing poses if arousal is very high or he is not finished orgasming.

Automatically align your view with the male view when changing to a far away pose (in VR only).  If you jump from a bed pose to a chair pose (in VR), your view will automatically align with the male's view.  For small pose changes or changes within the same area, you will need to manually align your view. You can also align your view by possessing the male.

Fixed challenging issue with male being in slightly different places in various seated poses, when not in the default room, due to rotation being centered on the female.  The male is now the center of rotation for seated poses (so that you can maintain a perfect view from the male's eyes while seated, while changing female poses). This required fine tuning all seated positions in all environments.

Fixed issues with possessing male penis. If you possess the male penis it stays possessed.  The penis tip may still be drawn towards the female (hand, pussy, etc.). If you uncheck Pose Male (in the Pose tab) and possess the penis, the penis tip is also completely free to move in response to the possessed male penis base.

Many fixes for unchecking Pose Male.  Unchecking Pose Male was stopping all movement of both the male and female. This is fixed plus other general improvements to unchecked Pose Male.  Unchecking pose male allows you to stay possessed while changing poses.

Improved Other -> Create New Looks & Scenes -> Random new SCENE to include all bed, standing, and sitting poses (was only choosing from a few bed poses). When in an Orgy random scene generation now also changes the orgy pose. 

Fixed issue with woman reaching way back to try to touch male shoulders or hands while facing away. This was sometimes causing her to repeatedly reset her pose when she couldn't reach. Now the woman only touches herself or the male hip/ass when facing away.

Improved use of vamX in merge loaded scenes with animation patterns. Changing vamX poses didn't work if the female &/or male were being pulled into position by scene animation patterns.  Now, if you go to Plugins -> Clear All Plugins & Enable vamX Movement, all animation patterns that impact people controlled by vamX are disabled, after which you can load poses properly.  If you don't want to disable animation patterns in the scene, don't press Plugins -> Clear All Plugins & Enable vamX Movement.

Opening the Virt-a-Mate main menu can offset the vamX menu so it's not in place in desktop mode if Virt-a-Mate Main UI -> User Preferences Tab -> Misc -> Use Monitor View and Focus Offset When UI is Open is checked. Once, and only once, vamX sets this to false. If you prefer to have it enabled, check this box again after opening vamX.  vamX also, one time only, sets the VR 2 hands to male hands if they are not already set like this. I believe many first time Virt-a-Mate users don't know how to get VR Hands, but would much prefer them. 

Passenger plugin now cancels when you press grip, not trigger. This allows you to reposition and use the vamX UI Menu without exiting passenger possession. There is also now a new sub-menu in Plugins for Passenger possession.


Ambient or other noises incorrectly are recognized by speech recognition as the word dance. This can cause issues with her switching to dancing during sex. Go to Sound and uncheck the Speech Recognition checkbox if you are not using it. This will be improved in 1.14. All recognized voice messages are written to the blue Virt-a-Mate log window. Please let us know if any other voice commands are called randomly without you speaking.

Thrust could still be deeper when only the woman is thrusting (like when she is riding).

The lip movements may be a bit small.

Found other bugs? Please report them. Ideas for improvements? Send a message. Priority given to improvements requested by VIP users.

vamX Credits - Full Credits for All Integrated and Optional Content