"Development Update - Toys, VR, Stability" by vamx from Patreon | Kemono


Just a quick note about what is in progress with vamX

Also this is an open forum where you can write what you hope to see in the future.

Coming in the next release (1.13)

There has been a lot of work done to improve sync with The Handy (thehandy.com) and other VAMSync toys.  In addition there will be an easy vamX UI button interface to fine tune the sync range and position. If you have thought about getting a Handy, it may be a good time to order one to arrive by the next release.

I noticed that things weren't as clean as possible for poses, expressions, and VR in general.  Some fixes include:

Ability to maintain pose alignment even for people with different scales (smaller, larger). Poses are now loaded at standard scale, the correct parts aligned, then the pose is scaled to meet your person's currently set scale.

Fixed issues with over glossy/shiny skin for some looks.

Reduced mouth opening too wide errors during dialog.

Stop eyes blinking while already closed during expressions.

Stop applying facial expressions to vamX looks that already have strong facial expressions, as this made them look strange.

Improved VR usage all around. Improved the general ability to possess and control people in VR (as well as to have good views without possessing them) and more. I'm trying to make this as user friendly as intuitive as possible to just get started with VR in vamX.

New tutorials for VR and toys.

Lots of minor fixes and improvements throughout.

After this Toys / VR / Stability release (1.13) the following release (1.14) will focus on added content to vamX, and perhaps another voice.

What would you like to see more of in vamX?