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Getting Started with vamX 1.10:

1) Download vamX.1.10.var - for Virt-a-Mate 1.20.77.x
Or, instead, you can download vamX.1.10.var from Mega

2) Optionally (not required) download the AddonPackages

3) Put var packages in your Virt-a-Mate/AddonPackages folder. Don't rename or extract .var package files. If you have previous versions of vamX, you can delete them. Previous versions are only useful if you created and saved scenes with those versions of vamX.

4) Open Virt-a-Mate, click the Scene Browser, then find and open the vamX scene (thumbnail of a woman wearing a bra and panties, lying on a bed).

5) If it's your first time using vamX, press Help -> vamX MAIN TUTORIAL from the vamX UI -> Scene tab.

6) If you're having problems or want to learn advanced tricks, see vamX Help.

7) Should I download anything else? If you've downloaded the latest version of vamX, you have all vamX features. The only additional thing you can download are the separate vamX Environments. Environments can only be opened as separate Virt-a-Mate scenes and cannot be switched to in the main vamX scene tab.

A bug was reported where pressing Action -> Orgasm -> Male Cum for the male starts a cum effect that never stops until you reload the scene. Sorry! I'll try to fix this and improve the cum effect for the next release. Meanwhile, please use Action -> Orgasm -> Male Cum Dripping only.

If you don't yet have Virt-a-Mate (or don't know what Virt-a-Mate is), follow these instructions:

1) Set your Windows default microphone
before opening Virt-a-Mate
2) Have the Virt-a-Mate window active (the last selected window)
Learn more about voice commands

Addon Packages (optional) Full Addon Packages folder (2.6 GB) (You must still download vamX 1.10 in addition). Some vamX items and pages are marked in-game as AddOn, to use those items you need the Addon Packages. The Addon Packages HAVE CHANGED for vamX 1.10.

Voice Effects Pack (optional)
In Sound you can now alter the female voice. All altered voices are modifications of the original female voice. You can choose from a variety of normal sounding or strange (e.g. angel, robot, monster) voices. Download the vamX Voice Effects Pack.

For those already familiar with vamX functionality you can load vamX into any scene using the Merge Load scenes. Watch the Merge Load Tutorial Video on Mega or X VIDEOS (set the quality in x videos to 1080p).


Integrated 22 new Virt-a-Mate scenes into vamX. Reorganized scene pages.

Experimental Orgy functionality. Add an additional couple to vamX. This will dramatically lower your frame rate. This functionality is for advanced users, or users willing to play around until they get the desired results. Not all vamX features work with orgies.
Create an Orgy in the 2nd page of the 3some tab.
2) Adjust the new 2nd couple by pressing "All vamX Controls Orgy M & F (2nd couple)".
3) Change poses, or female / male looks, and they will apply to the 2nd (new) couple.
4) Go to the 3some tab and switch back to the Default M & F (1st couple) any time to change the original couple.
You can keep switching back and forth to configure both couples. You can also add a threesome to have one couple and one threesome. Not all combinations and features will work well, and some settings may be lost or changed when switching which couple you are controlling with vamX. In the future, there will be poses added that have all 4 or five people having sex together. 

New voice effects pack. All altered voices are modifications of the original female voice. You can choose from a variety of normal sounding or strange (e.g. angel, robot, monster) voices.

Action -> SmartThrust is now called Start Thrust.

Made the Action tab much easier to use, especially for first time users. SmartThrust is now called Start Thrust. The first page of the Action tab now focuses on quickly and easily starting thrusting. Added Fast Thrust, Just Thrust and other quick and useful buttons to the Action tab. Go through the tutorial to learn to use the new Action tab.

Added extensive in-game, interactive walk through of vamX. Open Help -> vamX MAIN TUTORIAL (from the Scene tab). This tutorial will also teach existing users the new Action and Pose menus. It's recommended that all users, even experienced vamX users, go through this tutorial.

You can change male & female hand poses (for masturbating, stroking, etc.) in the new 2nd page of the Pose tab. You can also enable move/gyrate on the hip hands & head, and pose or move the mouth and tongue (have her stick out her tongue and lick). These changes only last until the pose is changed. Use Action -> Just Thrust (instead of Action -> Start Thrust) or choose thrust options in the new Auto Thrust menu to prevent automatic pose changes.

Female Hand movements from Actions have been moved to the 2nd Pose page.

Added new pages at the end of female looks, where you can save up to 7 custom looks, then quickly load them.

Added new pages at the end of male looks, where you can save up to 7 custom male looks, then quickly load them. You can save female looks for the "male" if you wish to create lesbian scenes.

Placed chair / seated poses in appropriate places for all vamX environments (these were often loading in random places, like on a bed).

Added new threesome watcher position for chair / seated poses for all vamX environments.

Added new "you must be 18 years or older to use vamX" type warning text on start of vamX. This makes you wait for a couple of seconds to read the warning / disclaimer.  After that it shows up every two days and can be clicked through immediately. I think it's appropriate to have this text as vamX is starting to expand to audiences that are unfamiliar with Virt-a-Mate.

A little known feature: The third person in a threesome can be set to dance. Go to Other -> Dance. Press under the vamX UI where it says Animate: Female until you see Animate: 3some. Now when you choose any of the dances, it will cause the third person / 3some person to dance.


When moving people using Pose -> Move in Desktop mode, the people are no longer attached to the camera.  The correct atom is automatically selected so just use the arrows and circles to move the atom, then click the vamUI button END MOVE.

Grip button now releases poses when moving in VR. This makes it much easier to place a pose while using only one controller in VR. Press Start Move, move the pose into place, then press the grip button.

Improved using Other -> Dance and animation items in merge loaded scenes. Loading animations loaded them at strange angles, and they couldn't be saved and loaded if you saved and loaded the scene.  Saving and loading now works, so once you position an animation it stays put.  Animations now also load in the correct angle. Unfortunately, they still load in an absolute position, so they aren't automatically positioned well in the environment. The main move controller is selected so you can then manually move (or use Pose -> Move Pose) to move the person/animation into place.  If you load further animations you will need to move each new animation into place manually.  Dances no longer automatically attach to the camera in desktop mode, you move them using the standard move widgets.

Pose sub-menus now don't show Pose as active, to help people understand that you press the Pose tab again to return to the main pose menu.

Added ability to save & load custom male and female looks with voice control. "Save and Overwrite Custom male Look 1", "Custom male Look 1"

Added ability to set basic male & female emotions with voice control. "Female emotion flirty", "Male emotion pleasure", etc.

Added ability to start female dancing and exercising with voice control. "Salsa dance",  "Do some pushups", "Belly dance"

Added white and black male voice control commands. "I am a while man", "I am a black man"

Added ability to set graphics quality levels by voice command. "Quality medium", "Quality high", etc.

Added ability to turn reflections on or off by voice command (disables or enables mirrors actually reflecting people and the surroundings). "Hide reflections", "Show reflections"

Fixed issue with moving people who are in a threesome to custom locations. Now if the threesome is in a combined sexual position, they move together.  If one is watching, you can set the watcher location separately. The watcher starts moving after, and in VR is attached to the controller, so look around and figure out where they are.

Reduced pose flickering to a different place when changing between similar poses in a similar location (except for seated poses).

Improved seated and standing positions for some already included environments/scenes.

Scenes that are built for animations, such as C&G Studios and some Xstatic scenes and others, now automatically load the standard animation on scene load.  To switch animations go to Other -> Dance.

Show Music and Load Animation toggles are only shown on scene pages that load music and animations/dances.

Removed 1-second wait between loading poses. You can now reload poses more quickly (to fix minor load errors) by clicking the same or a different pose.

Fixed issue where seated poses switched to female masturbation if the male was present but hidden.

Fixed issues where stories loaded some wrong poses after vamX 1.9's changes in pose organization.

Fixed issues where stories were missing some audio / text lines.

Fixed issue where the increase/decrease voice pitch buttons in vamX would sometimes cause huge pitch changes (if pressed after a story changed voice pitch).

Fixed issue where random pitch for random scenes wasn't working well. To create a random scene go to Other -> Create New Looks & Scenes.

Changed increase and decrease in female voice pitch to increase/decrease by smaller amounts, letting you set only slightly higher or lower voice pitches for more possible variety.

When changing moan type, volume and pitch in Sound -> Female Moans & Speech, demo moans are played so can get some idea of what her voice will sound like.

Fixed issue where in rare situations individual vamX elements could be dragged separately from the rest of the vamX UI.

Fixed issuer where when asking the woman to dance for you, sometimes she just turned around.


I just found out that pressing Action -> Orgasm -> Male Cum for the male starts a particle effect that never stops. Sorry! I'll try to fix this soon. Meanwhile please use Action -> Orgasm -> Male Cum Dripping only.

Lip movements should be smaller.

During Move Pose, positioning the third person in 3somes is difficult in VR, as the person can start off screen but be linked to the controller.

Found other bugs? Please report them. Ideas for improvements? Send a message. Priority given to improvements requested by VIP users.

vamX Credits - Full Credits for All Integrated and Optional Content