"Download vamX 1.8 - Voice Control" by vamx from Patreon | Kemono


Download vamX.1.8.var - for VaM 1.20.77.x

Or download vamX.1.8.var from Mega 
(6/9/21 Update: If you use vamX Environments and downloaded vamX.1.8.var before June 9th, download vamX.1.8.var again to get the latest version)

To use vamX, download the vamX package (don't unzip it) and put it in your Virt-a-Mate AddonPackages folder, then open Virt-a-Mate and load the regular vamX scene (see vamX Help for more info).

1) Set your Windows default microphone
before opening Virt-a-Mate
Have the Virt-a-Mate window active (the last selected window)
Learn more about voice commands

Addon Packages (optional) Full Addon Packages folder (3.1 GB) (You must still download vamX 1.8 in addition). Some vamX items and pages are marked in-game as AddOn, to use those items you need the Addon Packages. The Addon Packages haven't changed since 1.7.

For those already familiar with vamX functionality you can load vamX into any scene using the Merge Load scenes. Merge Load Tutorial Video on Mega or X VIDEOS (set the quality in x videos to 1080p).


Added Voice Control. There are over 280 actions which can happen in response to over 3,000 recognized phrases.

This variety allows you to say things in different ways, for example to change her clothes you can say things like "wear a dress", "a different dress", "wear something blue", "something else", "will you put on something without panties", etc. You can say simple commands, as if talking to vamX, like "create threesome" or more natural speech, as if talking to your partner, like "have you ever wanted to try a threesome".

You can have an entire experience using only voice commands, for example: Change clothes. Again. Let's go to the roof. Will you stand up? Wear a dress. Put on something sexy. Let's go to the pool. Would you turn on some music? Something else. Change the lights. Dance for me. Wear something for a strip tease. Now strip. Get naked. Let's have sex. Let's do it in the bedroom. Faster. Touch your breasts. Put your legs back. Can you do the splits? Turn over. Let's do it doggie style. Sit on my face. Straddle me. Come on top of me. Touch my face. Are you ready to cum? I'm cumming.

Learn more about voice control 

You can turn off voice control by unchecking the Speech Recognition checkbox in the vamX UI. If turned off it stays off (even when reloading VaM) until turned on again. Voice recognition is performed locally on your computer by Windows 10.

Added new male breathing sounds, moan sounds & occasional speech. These sounds are on by default in desktop mode, and off by default in VR mode. They only play if a male is shown. To turn male moan sounds on or off click Sound, then Male Moans ON or Male Moans OFF. If a male is in 69 or pussy licking, appropriate licking sounds play instead of the breathing / moan sounds. Male Voice by TalkingSmut. 

Male speech happens occasionally in between male breathing / moaning. Male speech has lip sync and emotions.

If male moans are on during orgasm, he cums, first inside her, then when he orgasms again he cums on her body. When turning on male moans, the cum effects are preloaded.

If the primary "Female" is changed to a male, he moans with the new male moan sounds for a gay experience.

You can now set emotions / facial expressions for all three people in the scene, including for male people. In other -> Mood / Emotion, choose which person you want to change, then set any static or changing emotion. Males can now both speak and have emotions.

Added new breathing background sounds for female. This breathing includes gentle moans when arousal is high. You can turn this off in Sounds -> Moans & Female Voice by Pressing Toggle Breath Sounds On/Off.

Added new idle dialog for female. Every approximately 15 seconds, if you aren't engaged in any action, and she isn't masturbating, she will say some encouraging words.

Improved group sounds with each male/female person having a unique voice and/or pitch modification.

Improve FPS using the new Speed (fps) & Quality button, in the Light tab. You can disable mirrored surfaces for a major increase in fps in the default vamX scene. You can also choose to switch all scene lights to vertex for speed increase, or use the new vamX ADAPTIVE pixel lighting. ADAPTIVE pixel lighting automatically switches lights between vertex and pixel based on their closeness, without creating flickering (Virt-a-Mate's default implementation for Auto light switching creates a lot of flickering lights). It's based on the number of pixel lights you have set in the VaM User Preferences -> Pixel Light Count.


Improved adding dance / sex animations to any scene via vamX merge load. Now when switching to a dance animation in a custom / merge loaded scene, the people and any required items (like a stripping pole) are linked to your view or VR controller. Move them to where you want the dance or sex animation to take place, then press trigger on your VR controller, or in desktop mode press the Virt-a-Mate main menu's vamX button, or the vamX Pose END MOVE button.

Improved sex alignment for merge loading / custom poses. Fixed issue with 69 pose where male head was very misaligned during pussy licking.

Made it easier to place custom poses. The camera view is now aligned with the female hip, with the female rotated to her side. This makes it easier to place her on a bed or other surface, without accidentally placing her into the bed. Her rotation also defaults to horizontal, which also makes it easier. This alignment is activated when pressing BRING HERE and after merge loading vamX into scenes without people.

Fixed issue where vamX could cause a reduction in frame rate due to adding 3 additional lights when merge loading into scenes. Now, unless you switch to a new lighting scheme, vamX lights default to off and don't reduce frame rate.

Improved possession to hide hair, eyeball effects (enhanced eyes), etc. Improved the ImprovedPoV plugin to work better in a variety of circumstances, including when the male look is changed after the plugin is applied. Its much more comfortable to possess in VR mode now, as hair and eye effects don't get in the way of your view.

Additional and improved female dialog choices, for example she may ask you to take off her top or clothes if she is wearing them, and doesn't say things to a lesbian female that don't make sense (cum inside of me, etc.)

Moved button to turn off Female Moans to first page of Sound -> Moans & Female Voice.  Turning off female moans doesn't turn off the new breath sounds, those are turned off separately by pressing Toggle Breath Sounds On/Off.

Slowed down change in arousal with high sex speeds. This means sex now lasts longer in a high arousal state before she orgasms (in Auto Thrust or when thrust speed is high).

Female / main person moves her head less frequently and to less extreme angles. Before she would often distort her head into strange positions.

Fixed issue where merge loading wouldn't allow you to switch to standing poses such as doggie, standing in front masturbating, or any others on the last pose page.

Fixed issue where stopping pose move also toggled the vamX UI when pressing the VR controller trigger button to stop pose move.

Fixed issue in merge loaded scenes, where the first time you pressed Stop Thrust the male would fly away from the female.

Fixed issue in loading saved vamX scenes. Many saved variables were being reinit with default values. For example, if you were in Smart Thrust and had a pose chosen that wasn't a standard missionary pose, when loading and using your saved scene the pose would eventually switch back to missionary due to vamX thinking you were in the missionary pose category. This probably solves many other minor bugs for loading saved custom vamX scenes, and hopefully doesn't create any new bugs :)

Fixed issue with orgasm sequence sometimes not playing for female (when arousal was max) or not resetting arousal to min when finished.

The primary male person in the scene has cum effects, even if the "male" is changed to a female. So if there is one male in the scene, regardless if he was the female, or third person, he can have some cum effect.

Fixed issue with error messages appearing about head audio when merge loading vamX.

Fixed issue when loading a female legacy custom look for the male / 2nd person, by default it showed a browser with the vamX male set of looks instead of the vamX female set of looks.

Fixed issue where the first fantasy page said Remove Items but didn't remove the horns. The button is now named Remove Wings. The horns are clothes and can only be removed on the next page by setting the female nude.

Fixed issue where lights wouldn't update to the new location when the pose was changed to a pose that was far away from the previous pose (like going from lying down to standing poses in the initial antique room environment).

Fixed issue where vamX tried to open a non-existent 8th scene page when pressing next from the last scene page.  There are only 7 scene pages currently, although perhaps more will be added in the future!

In VR we now automatically toggle off the VaM menu when merge loading vamX. Mostly the VaM menu was opened so you could perform a merge load, so it is now automatically closed. You can always press the menu button again to get the VaM hud back as usual.

Added EyeBall reflection to the default female.

Fixed issue with loading vamX scenes that contained one gay male and one hidden male. The gay male was changing locations to become the normal male. This is now fixed.

Created new male emotion pose morphs (created by combining mostly built-in facial morphs)

Removed error message which was shown when merge loading vamX into scenes without people. Now no error message is shown.

Fixed error when using recent versions of vamX with older environment packs, like the Neighborhood environment, that didn't have more recent UI elements.

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