"vamX 1.8 - Voice Control" by vamx from Patreon | Kemono


Speech Recognition / vamX Voice Control (1 minute - NSFW)
Watch on RedGifs (fast, must enable sound) -or- Watch on Slushe (HQ)

Male Voice & Threesome Voices (1 minute - NSFW)
Watch on RedGifs (fast, must enable sound) -or- Watch on Slushe (HQ)

Download vamX.1.8


Ignore the vamX UI and use your voice (speech recognition).

Over 280 English voice commands.

Enable or Disable Speech Recognition in vamX.

Ask her to wear a dress. Then invite her to the roof. Ask her to strip for you, touch herself, lie down, ride you, spread her legs, touch your chest, touch her breasts, spank you, move faster, etc., etc., etc.

Over 3000 phrases are recognized and are used to choose one of the 280 commands.

This  variety allows you to say things in different ways, for example to change her clothes you can say things like "wear a dress", "a different dress", "dress like a sailor", "wear something blue", "something else",  "something open", "will you put on something without panties", etc. You  can say simple commands, as if talking to vamX, like "create threesome"  or more natural speech, as if talking to your partner, like "have you  ever wanted to try a threesome" or "yeah I find your friend sexy".


A new sexy Male Voice (by TalkingSmut). Male players can optionally have breathing, moaning, org*sm, and some lip-sync dialog. Org*sm also results in the male c*mming.

Added new breathing background sounds for female. This breathing includes gentle moans when arousal is high. You can turn this off in Sounds -> Moans & Female Voice by Pressing Toggle Breath Sounds On/Off.

Improved group sounds with each male/female person having a unique voice and/or pitch modification.

Ability to set facial emotions separately for all 3 people, including male people (Other -> Mood & Emotions). Males can now both speak and have emotions.

Improved possession to hide hair, new eyeball effects (enhanced eyes), etc.

FPS / Quality options in the Lighting tab. You can disable mirrored surfaces for a major increase in fps in the default vamX scene. You can also choose to switch all scene lights to vertex for speed increase, or use the new vamX ADAPTIVE pixel lighting.

Improved adding dance / sex animations to any scene via vamX merge load.