"Files for vamX 1.6 - Plugins & Place Poses Anywhere" by vamx from Patreon | Kemono


Download vamX.1.6 - for VaM 1.20.77.x

Or download vamX.1.6.var from Mega 

The Addon Packages have changed! If you already had the Addon Packages from 1.5, just download the additional packages from GoFile or Mega. The additional Addon Packages contain improved versions of some var packages so put all of them in your VaM/AddonPackages folder, overwriting plugins with the same name.

After a lot of hard work, you can now move poses anywhere in a scene using the first 3 buttons on the Pose tab. See the Features section below for more information on moving poses.

5 New Plugins Pages make Virt-a-Mate plugins easy to use. The most popular and powerful VaM plugins now work well with vamX. Add a specific E-Motion profile to the female, add and configure VaMSync (VaMLaunch) or add a variety of male or female moans with VaMMoan. One click in the Plugins menu adds and configures any of these plugin to work with vamX.

When choosing a plugin you can see the creator's name. Thanks to all you amazing plugin creators whose plugins can be used with in vamX - Acidbubbles, MacGruber, hazmhox, qdot, VRAdultFun, LFE, ClockwiseSilver, Redeyes, Spacedog, everlaster, VeeRifter, FallenDancer & WgSoup.

By special permission MacGruber PostMagic and Acidbubbles Passenger plugins are now included in vamX (work without installing Addons). Thanks Acidbubbles and MacGruber!

Addon Packages (optional) Full Addon Packages folder (3.1 GB) (You must still download vamX 1.6 in addition). Some vamX items and pages are marked in-game as AddOn, to use those items you need the Addon Packages. 

Help & Credits

vamX Help - Getting Started and Advanced Usage

vamX Credits - Full Credits for All Integrated and Optional Content


To enable Male Moans press VAMMoan Males Moan on the 4th Plugins page. VAMMoan is controlled by the Action -> Arousal to Climax slider.

To have sex in any location in a scene, open the Pose tab, and click START MOVE. Drag your controller (VR) or move your view (Desktop) till the people are in the desired place, then press END MOVE. When you change to a new pose it will load in the new chosen place.

If the new pose position isn't quite right, just press START, adjust further, then END again. If you are far away, you can start by pressing BRING HERE instead of START MOVE.

Location is set separately for standing poses. Once you move a standing pose, all other standing poses load in the same place. Once you move a lying/seated pose (any pose that starts on the default bed) all other lying/seated poses load in the new chosen place.

To revert to the original pose locations, change or reload the environment from the Scene tab, then choose any Pose and it will load in the default location.

To improve FPS enable Give Me FPS on the 1st Plugins page.

To disable vamX head movement and female expressions, press Stop vamX Head Control & Expressions from the 2nd Plugins page. Enable this if you prefer she have a neutral expression, not look around, and not change her expression. This can also be useful if you want E-Motion or other plugins to control expressions. You can also stop her moaning by pressing Stop vamX Moans & Sounds on the same plugins page.

For different personalities / expressions enable one of the E-Motion profiles on the 2nd Plugins page.

OSR2+, The Handy & Fleshlight Launch / Kiiroo Keon integration on the 3rd Plugins page (see detailed instructions below).

If you want your controllers to vibrate when you touch people (Oculus Only!) press Touch Feedback on the 2nd Plugins page.

For alternate types of Female Moans use VAMMoan or Life Moans on the 4th Plugins page. Moaning increases (and orgasm is reached) as vamX arousal increases.

For various minor improvements, press Add All Plugins On This Page on the 5th Plugins page. This adds Titty Magic, Hair Let Loose, Joint Correct, Hand Animator, Auto Labia and Auto Pupils. They can also be added individually on the 5th Plugins page.

When you enable clit toys (vibrators) in Other -> Toys, the female pussy now vibrates. You can also manually turn this on by pressing Labia Vibration on the 6th Plugins page.

You can create a BJ with simultaneous HJ by selecting the BJ pose in the Pose tab, then adding the Silver Hand Job plugin on the 6th Plugins page.

To get both people to try to kiss in any pose, add Silver Kiss in the 6th Plugins page.

If you want her to thrust in response to spanking, add Spankings with Moans and Hip Thrusting from the 6th Plugins page.

If you want the 3rd person (threesome) to have more of a personality, you can add E-Motion (or other plugins) to the female, then press Copy Female Plugins to Threesome on the 7th Plugins page.

If you want to set up a scene with 3 lesbians, press the Male tab, then select a female look on the 2nd page, and also add a 3some. Then add VAMMoan on the 4th Plugins page. This adds different sets of moan audio to each female, so each female has a unique voice.

If you want to set up a scene with 3 gay men, press the Female tab, and on the last page select a female look, and also add a 3some and set the 3some to be  a Bi Male. Then add VAMMoan on the 4th Plugins page. This adds different pitches of moan audio to each male, so each male has some variation in voice.

If you want to add other (non VAMMoan) plugins only to the male, or threesome, you first need to add them to the female, then use Copy Female on the 7th Plugins page, and then Remove All Plugins From Female. The male / threesome will then be set up as you wish, and you can now add whatever female only plugins you want to the female.

The Handy, Fleshlight Launch & Kiiroo Keon integration require a separate program to be installed. You can add and set up VaMSync (formerly VaMLaunch) in vamX by going to Plugins and pressing the VaM Sync button on the third page. To use VaMLaunch / VaMSync you must first install a separate program (vamX doesn't make and cannot be responsible for use of VaMSync). You must also run the VaMSync program separately (in the background while using Virt-a-Mate) each time you want to use VaMSync. If you have a zip file browser like 7-zip you can extract and run the vamsync-installer.exe from the latest vamX package var/Custom/Scripts/Other/VaMSync-2.0 folder. You can also download the vamsync-installer from https://github.com/intiface/VaMSync/releases/tag/v2.0 If you download the VaM Sync installer from github, you only need to run the vamsync-installer.exe, the other scripts are not required when used in vamX. You only need to install VaMSync once. After that, if you need to reinstall, you must first uninstall VaMSync using Add/Remove Programs.

vamX automatically sets up VaMSync to work with vamX (so thrusting data is sent to VaMSync). If the device shows as connected in VaMSync, it should work in vamX.

If you have problems getting devices to connect to VaMSync in the VaMSync program, you'll need to get support directly from qdot. Check https://github.com/intiface/VaMSync and https://www.reddit.com/r/theHandy/comments/lkxiyf/vamsync_formerly_vamlaunch_now_works_with_kiiroo/

For The Handy support (I don't have one)you may need to update your The Handy to the latest beta firmware with Bluetooth support. https://www.reddit.com/r/VAMscenes/comments/lkx1ui/vamsync_formerly_vamlaunch_now_works_with_kiiroo/

Additional Improvements / Fixes for vamX 1.6

4 new poses on the 2nd Poses page.

When the woman orgasms a wetness / juices below her pussy remain until changing looks.

Fixed issues with complex environments like Diner or Space Station sometimes loading poses in the wrong place and requiring a reload of that pose. This occured when moving around to new locations in large environments. Generally improved pose loading in vamX external enviornments including Space Station and others.

Fixed issue with Sounds -> Moan -> No Moan Sounds not working.

Manual touching now increases arousal and triggers moans etc.  Works great on Oculus with vibration feedback so the controllers vibrate as you touch her, and she increases in arousal.

PossessSex plugin now correctly allows you to grab vibrators.

Grabbing vibrators now stops their automatic increase in arousal and you must position the vibrator correctly, or can remove stimulation near orgasm to edge her.

Fixed issue with removing then re-adding thrusting toys.

If using the spank plugin to generate hip motion, removing that plugin used to leave the motion in effect. It now correctly stops that motion and switches back to using that cycle force for the gentle breathing motion generally present in vamX.

Made a mod of the Life plugin that doesn't have a default very low volume for VR. Otherwise you couldn't hear her breathe or moan at all in VR.

Vibration plugin automatically added, if available, when a vibrator is created in the toys section (and then removed when the vibrator is removed).

Vibration plugin fixed (before it didn't work at all, as it required a morph that it didn't include).

VAMMoan set to automatically apply different voices to females, and different pitches to males, when there is more than one female or more than one male in the scene.  If you set up a scene with 3 females, for example, it's filled with different, unique, moans from each person.

E-Motion fixed to work correctly without crashing when the male exists in the scene but is not currently shown. Created E-Motion functionality to allow vamX to load profiles from button clicks, so you don't need to open the E-Motion plugin panel to load presets.

Changed Wind Control to allow specifying the wind direction when used on a Person atom, so that it's possible to easily create wind that effects a person from a certain direction.

Added Silver Hand Job plugin, just load the hand job pose (with SmartThrust off) or blow job pose (with SmartThrust on) and then enable this plugin.

Added Silver Kiss. Pressing the Silver Kiss plugin button adds the plugin to both the female and male/2nd person players, so they kiss.

Included files for the original Spankings plugin (with permission). This version of the plugin makes her thrust her hips when she is spanked, and also plays sounds from the original Spankings plugin when she is spanked.

Fixed issue where starting Smart Thrust, then changing to an Other -> Dance Foreplay & Animated Sex item broke the animation. You can now start sex first, then switch to a Dance or sex animation without any issue.

Fixed issue with creating look variations from a story. Now if a look is loaded from a story, clicking Other -> Create new Looks -> VARIATIONS correctly creates variations of that look.

Known Bugs for vamX 1.6

Automatic labia / pussy vibrations when using toys may not work if you didn't have LFE.Vibrator0.1.var in your AddonPackages folder. vamX included LFE.Vibrator0.3 in the GoFile version of the AddonPackages, even though the script uses the 0.1 version from the prior AddonPackages. If adding a vibrator doesn't cause the female's pussy to vibrate, download and add LFE.Vibrator0.1.var to your VaM/AddonPackages folder.

When randomly generating clothing or looks, it can try to load a missing clothing preset "Black Top and Skirt". 

There are a couple of older add-on vamX environments, such as the temple scene, where the supported standing pose loaded in a different unique location, so in those (rare, older, add-on) scenes some standing poses my not load in the same place as others. You can still set a new location for any pose, but switching to another standing pose may cause the pose to load in a different location.

Found other bugs? Please report them. Ideas for improvements? Send a message. Priority given to improvements requested by VIP users.