"Berry Thanks you for the 10k followers on twitter! " by eroniverse from Patreon | Kemono


Sorry if I post it for patrons only, patreon is warning me the image is "too hot" for a public post XD You can see it 


It's a big milestone, it has increased a lot when the latest update, I'm happy because it shows I do better and better As a reward, this cute image of Berry!   

Taking your feedback into consideration about the previous art of Berry, I updated Berry's 3D model, softer jaw, and reworked hair-line! I also finished to sculpt her Bikini! 

It's a funny experience to sculpt something I imagined in 2D first.

I can now afford to make images for fun sometimes like that one, because I'm able to work much faster! Also it's an occasion to get feedback about the current art style of Berry before I make most important art in game.

See you at the end of This month for the next Update for beta tester patrons!  Mostly Berry's animations of her daily life lv 2 and maybe more for other girls.