"Available on web browser, New art feedback, Berry" by eroniverse from Patreon | Kemono


## Web-browser:

I finally uploaded for web-browser. It doesn't work on Google chrome, you have to play it on an other browser, it seems to work on Firefox.

The problem on google chrome is independent from me, it seems to affect all ren'py games.

Link: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/842875

## Berry

Happy mother's day to Berry! What will to give her as a gift for this special day?

This is Berry with the new 3D-drawing workflow.
I'm working on her for the past week, I sculpted her body, hair, clothes I gave her large hips, thicc thighs. I know her bra is missing, I'm doing it right now, I also made her bikini.

Her Dress: Oh my god this work is my first "complex", and from zero, creation of 3D outfit. Emma's outfits were simple so it was easier, here I had to recreate the complex outfit I imagined back then.

Oh my gosh I'm having SO MUCH FUN sculpting outfits in 3D, I think it became my favorite part ever!

I learned more 3D skills, tools, remeshing stuff, makings texture maps.

I've remade the 3D eyelashes to make it more 2D.

I also changed the basic iris appearance, to make it more drawn by hand.

I also 3D sculpted her hair, cool stuff :p I realized I made something weird when I was drawing it in 2D x)

## New style composed by 3D and drawings' feedback

So, this was the first update with my new method of art creation. (So my lowest level of it)

Feedback from the community:

- Some people really don't like the new art-style

- Some people really love the new art-style (I'm part of them, even without considering the process)

I think this is 100% subjective and depends on each individual's taste, so I'm not mad when people don't like it, it's normal, but still good to know and get an overview of what people think.


I a lot of people saw the 3D new stuff at the morning Emma event, but it was in fact from the very beginning of the update, it's just that the morning event was the first even I made with the new method, I evolved a bit the models and textures after that, so it was less visible. I update models and texture at the same time I make images so it evolves little by little.

I think It will quickly evolve, the same way I evolved with my drawings, checkout the first 2D art, it was completely different from the latest.

(This is the very first version of Berry)

I will not "go back" to the past style, because I prefer both the result and the process of the new content right now, it's not a step-back for me, but I understand it is for some people.

However I listen to some feedback and I'll continue to enhance the work, as example I've seen feedback about MC's face and hair, and I kind of agree with them, so I edited his face's morph and recreated his hair.
I will continue to this style but I still intend to make it better.

I also received messages from people that are happy of the new style, it makes me proud ^^

Thanks for playing, see you soon!