Only Fools and Horses Season 3 Episode 4 Yesterday Never Comes


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Spoiler Free:  This was a fun episode I really enjoyed it. 

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When Del slapped that chick on the ass and she was down with it, I was thinking what going on lol. What chick is down with a stranger slapping her on the ass. That actress did a great job playing a shitty rich girl. It was great to see her get played in the end. I reserve the B-word for special occasions and this was one lol. The last time I used it was during the movie mist when that church chick was stirring up a bunch of crap. I know it seems stupid but to this day whenever say it, I feel terrible because my mom hates the word. I grew up knowing that's a word you shouldn't use towards a lady. But mom what if she isn't a lady, what if she's being that word lol. 

Is there a curse word in the UK that most women hate ?? Most of the women I know hate bitch and cunt.Most men I have met hate being called soft or emotional. 

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