The Office (UK): Season 1: Episode 1 Downsize


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Spoiler Free:  This was an ok episode.

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I didn't go into this expecting to be mind blown with the first episode. There was a lot of hype built around this and I didn't want to get my hopes too high. Whenever I set my expectations too high for a show or movie it ends in disappointment. Batman V Superman comes to mind lol. While watching this episode there were a lot of similarities to The American Office. The dopy boss, the mild receptionist, the squabbling desk neighbors, etc. The biggest difference was Ricky's style of humour, primarily the long moments of silence after something cringey is said or done. I have a similar view of the first episode of the American Office. It was ok but not really for me, fortunately, I have been learning from my past mistake of walking away from a show too soon without giving it a second shot. I would usually watch the first episode of a show and if it doesn't win me over I move on. I did this with the American Office and came back to it later on and thought it was a great show. I assume this show will make a similar progression and win me over later on in the season. Overall I can only say this episode was decent.  

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